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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 24


Don't act like it's not your first time in here, Reina.

I... uh... I guess they left the prison door unlocked.

Betrays who? This is confusing and has no point since I'm gonna kill him anyway.

What a punk.

They're using past-tense on him already.

That is the sluttiest looking judge I've ever seen.

Six enemies already. God, this is going to be such a grind.

Make that seven. Bitch is going down.

Bitch goes down. / Backup Also here.

I also got one last new TRAP for the road.

I think you're supposed to say that before you fight.

Rusty spikes purge you of sin.


And one BIG rock.

Oh, screw you.

Yeah, ok, whatever. I just don't care about these bastards anymore.

FINALLY! I hate you so much now that you made me waste my time killing six dull twits before getting to you.

Apparently, being royalty gives her the power to shoot laserbeams and teleport around in a ball of light. She can also heal herself rapidly.

So I kept hammering her into the fan until she stopped moving.

"Don't make me take you to the fan again!"

... This was your big plan?! You send your child to live with Reina for a few weeks, just so she can stab her with some paralyzing thingy in your own home?! Out of every horrible plan, every stupid elaborate scheme I've seen in this game, yours is the worst. I can't even pass this off as being standard Deception stupidity. You've crossed the line. I'm too disgusted to go on.

You just keep digging deeper, don't you?

Where did that statue come from? I don't care. I'll never care.

And then the stone would remain out of your hands. But if this cow can't figure out how to steal a stone using all her magic powers, I doubt she'd understand how time works.


She has no feeling down there. That actually explains a lot.

"Remi can't speak in third person consistently."


That was fun! Let's check up on King Mario.

"You left your doors unlocked. I just walked right out. You guys aren't very good at keeping prisoners, are you?"

Neeeeeeck stabbin'!

That saved me some effort. Thanks, Rumpelstiltskin!

Okay goons, we've got an important choice to make. Does Reina go back in time, or will she use the stones to keep Albert alive for another week?

Edit: I think NinjaGokuJesus cast the deciding vote, and so Reina's going to do some time traveling.

Next time on Deception III: TIME! And the final chapter.