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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 25

Meanwhile, in the present...

I knew we forgot about someone.

No time to watch that fight, when we've got history to rewrite! Oh jesus, I'm rhyming. I might be cursed.

I guess we're stuck here for a while, then. At least until Reina can find the stones in this time (which will be never).

Hey look at that! The stones must also be able to teleport you or something, because Reina's at her house just before Rumpelstiltskin crashes her birthday party.

Well you see... Actually, forget it. It's too convoluted to explain.

Time for a little payback.

That's a lot of effort just to spite your father. He could have been an accountant, or something else less evil.

But can he see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

He is missing half his face!

I forget if I killed her before or not.

And finally, this son of a bitch. Notice he's missing something? That's right, he has no rocket launcher. This is going to be a fair fight, and I am going to grind him into paste.

And now, Reina fights for the future!

There's only two rooms in Reina's house, so you have to make do with what you have. Which in this case means a fireplace and some kind of spiked grinding wheel.

He's certainly amused about being burnt to death.

Some perception. He couldn't even avoid a magic buzzsaw that constantly hit him through a door.

The aforementioned spike wheel. Don't ask me why a small family needs something like this.

You're not the only girl who wants to remain under Cupido.

She didn't do shit. You kept flinging yourself into that wheel, screaming "HURT ME MORE, MOMMY!". It weirded me out.

Not so hot without your little anachronism, are you?

I hope those things included BEING DEAD! Gimme a high five, Reina.

Apparently, you can get a special ring that gives TRAPs a 1 second charge time from Miguel here. Some people say it happens randomly, other say you have to kill him while he's in a hallway. Either way, I didn't get it.

She believes it because nobody in their right mind would want to pretend to be Reina.


That's... actually pretty logical. I'm amazed.

And Reina teleported away.

Watch the ending movie here or here

Back in the present, it looks like we're going to watch a raping occur. Just what I wanted to see after so much bloodshed and misery.

Oh right, we killed him in the past. So logically, instead of ceasing to exist outright, he slowly fades out of existence at that exact moment.

Yeah, I know. It surprised me too.

I wish he stayed like that. Oh, the adventures we could have had with a screaming head.

Since Reina used the stone to travel through time, Albert didn't have a chance to recover.

Hey, this place looks familiar.

Yeup. It took Reina this long to realize who Cecilia was. She's that dense.

And now she's dead or something, I guess. Happy End!

YEE-HAW! The Hell Emblem lets you make the best TRAPs in the game. They're expensive as hell, but totally rad. We'll be seeing them in action eventually. Also, every time you beat the game you get 50,000 dreak for your next playthrough.

Chubby Chasing Goku posted:

What happens if Reina dies in the past?

I'm glad you asked! Let's find out...

Cecilia's hobby is looting corpses.

Why didn't she do that in the first place? Because this is Deception. You should know better by now.

Watch this ending video here or here

Uh oh, two core stones occupying the same time and space.


You can get more than one TRAP per ending, except for the first one. In this case, I didn't. No big deal.

Now, what are we going to do about that pesky time paradox...?