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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 3

So here is our handy menu screen. So far, all I'm able to do here is look at room and enemy data, and play around the level to test traps.

Here's a map of the factory Reina's headed to, with little markers for all the environmental traps and healing points. Now for my favourite part of Deception: The enemy screens! I can't wait.

So this is Hans and... what. Where's the biography?! This is BULLSHIT! How am I supposed to know if he likes spicy foods or adventure?! It feels like they ripped the heart and soul out of this game.

That little scamp just loves making prisoners slaughter innocent people. :kiddo:

Is she going to have a breakdown every time she thinks about her family? It's been two whole days since they were murdered in front of you. Time to move on.

In a factory. Pay attention. Jeez.

Even if you could go home, Rumpelstiltskin would just knee you and drag you back. And then you'd start crying and blacking out again, and nobody wants to watch that shit another time.


No it doesn't, but that's not going to stop you.

I guess it's time for Reina to kill a couple of very very stupid villagers.

It's just not the same. Click man for Filefront, and click woman for Google.

Yeah, ok I lied about there not being bios. Sue me.

None at all!

Of course, that's because you're going to be stoned to death.

Of course she's not a witch. What kind of backwoods town are you fr- oh right.

I love that shot. The rock landed perfectly on his head.

Hey! That was mean.

My ears, they hear the sounds of a TRAP! A tricksy, tracksy, tikky-tacky-TRAP! Oh, what sounds a TRAP can rap! They rap and rap until there is no TRAP! Who can make such sounds to sound like a TRAP? Who is it who makes the sounds that woke me from my nap?

You, girl! You are the one who can make the TRAP? Here on our island that has no map? Your TRAPs, they TRAP with a snipper-snap! The soundings they sound ended my nap! How can you trip your TRAP, when I thought only I knew how to make that clap?

AOUU! AOUU Is the sounds of your TRAP! The sounds they sounded as they sprung from your lap!

It is not free, the price of a TRAP. Use it too much and your life it will sap! It does not run hot and cold, like water from the tap! Beware, beware the power of the TRAP!

"He keeps making these awful rhymes."

And TRAPs, until the TRAPPING is done. I think I am dead now, so goodbye my son.

Castle Agony, Castle Hades, Castle of the Damned... Why can't people have happy castles? Just once I want to kill people in Castle Funland, or Castle Cute Little Puppies.

And this chapter comes to a close. Join us next time, when the little hobbit teaches Millen Reina how to use TRAPs.