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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 30

Sure thing, Mildred.

Don't you have an army to do this sort of thing? Not to mention the AUO, which still hasn't been explained I might add.

Does Reina even have a duty?

"Hi, I'm here to help collect some stones to become a pokemon master or something."

"Great! Now go kill these people for me."

"But I-"


Where the hell were these losers when Reina was being attacked by every soldier in the nation?

And apparently, Reina didn't save that girl after all. So glad I went through all that effort.

Could you tell me what kind of potion it is? No? Okay, how about telling me who The Opposers are? No? All right then.

Not quite a volcano, and not quite a cannon.

Good thing he's being proactive about his revenge, then! You know, because if a teenage girl with shitty cursed magic TRAPs can kill them all, then a guy who does nothing but build and use bombs should be able to wipe them out with no problem.

What fall? The fall.

How bad a job do you have to do to get fired from being a slave?

Footman, the forgotten robot master.

I have never seen this asshole before in my life. Where the hell was he during the rest of the game? Oh, forget it. Let's just get this over with.

Betraying your homeland for fun and profit. Except that it isn't fun, and I'm not getting paid.

As a Burganfadan, that is one of my regrets. In Burganfada.

HEY! I am not a- okay you've got me there.

Who's the puppet now? Can't be you, because you're dead!

Press Burganfadan until smooth, then bake for 20 minutes.

Once crust is a light brown, cast off into the sea.

You probably shouldn't step forward, it's a little dangerous

yeah, there you go.

Isn't that something you say when you're the one winning?

H-hey... That was mean.

At this rate, Reina will be the only one.

Yes. Reina plotted all the kidnappings, then had herself taken with her family, then ordered them killed in front of her. It makes perfect sense.

You didn't save him, either.

Why weren't you there to help me?!

Yes, yes. This is very sad. Boo hoo Albert's dead again. Now let's talk about you actually doing something useful for once.

Gasp! She's starting to be sensible! Why couldn't she have done that before putting a knife to Reina's throat?


Yeah, cheer up! It's not like everyone you ever care about dies.... Oh. Wait.

Next time, the queen somehow becomes psychic.