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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 31

Not pictured: Ice

I'm so glad you wasted all this time just to say that.

Swim, rowboat, a sturdy log...

That might work, too.

You're just being picky.

I can not start my day without seeing a woman punched in the stomach.

They get candy?

Reina's diabetic, so candy offends her.

Under your orders! It's hard to pass blame on someone else when everything that ever happened is entirely your fault.

ARGH! Is everyone in this god-forsaken kingdom a perverted sadist?! Is that one of the job requirements for working for the castle?

I'm not going to stop until every last person in Alendar is dead. Everyone. They all have some kind of sickness inside, and it must be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Another soldier with a girl's name. He tried to go by Ash, but he wasn't cool enough to have a chainsaw hand.

He shall knock you all down.

There's way too much brainwashing going on in this kingdom.

Let's put a stop to it. Here or here

This is why you have a girl's name.

That is an awesome angle.

Considering how quickly it kills most enemies, I'm going to be relying on the fan for most of my combos.

Good people? Where? All I see are horrible rapists, murderers, and dumbasses.

You didn't get me with that trick last time, and it won't work again. home, enjoying a good book?

Killer top in action. I'd have used it more here, but the old guy has laser pods.

Then again, so do I.

Shoulda done them before killing Reina's last friend. <>

Cecilia! Oh god I'm having flashbacks to the movie with her death and now Reina has Albert's voice.

Next time on Deception, I wash my ears out with bleach and Reina starts to clean house.