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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 5

Here, you see a brand new option! I can make TRAPs for Reina now. TRAP making in Deception III is very different from the past games. Instead of buying and upgrading TRAPs in any kind of logical form, you now have to combine elements to your starter TRAPs to make new ones. But you can't just apply whatever elements you want all willy-nilly, oh no. You need an special emblem before you can apply an element to a TRAP. Reina got a fire and thunder emblem last chapter, so let's see what she can do.

Here, I'm applying the thunder emblem to the arrow slit TRAP. In addition to the element, you can increase its power by adding up to four orbs. This makes it cost a lot more Dreak, though, so I'm only going to use 2. Dreak is just the same as Ark in Kagero, while Ark now relates to Dreak in some way I never investigated.

And voila! Reina has sizzling electricky death for all in arrow form. She also has a volt rock at level 1.

Over here, you can decide what TRAPs you want to bring in. Same thing as Kagero.

Not capturing, not arresting, not "bringing in a dangerous threat", but kidnapping. He really is an awful king.

"I also saw a squirrel and a kite and this totally awesome statue of a flying baby and you could even see his wiener!"

"I was like 'this is boring let's go home guys' and they were like 'buuuh buuh we should try taking the girl' and I was like 'whatever you guys do that I'm gonna climb this tree' and I did and it was really fun"

"I feel like risking my life needlessly!"

"Did you say something cuz I was thinking about Miguel that guy has such a funny face he looks like a gremlin or something I wanna punch him can I punch him?"

"I like stones they're pretty do you like stones? Is that why you want her stone because I can totally get that stone just like I told Miguel oh right I was gonna punch him I hate that guy so much"

He's still talking about TRAPs. Doesn't he have a hobby?

"Prepare for trouble!"
"And make it double!"

Yeah, I'm not going to do the whole line.

Yes Reina, thank you for paying attention.

"Oh nothing much. I was in the neighborhood and though I'd drop in to say hi ARE YOU STUPID I'M GOING TO KIDNAP YOU"

I miss Millennia. Being mute had so many advantages.

And so, Christina's death wish is about to be fulfilled.

As usual, watch the fighting fun here or here.


One volt rock in the river, and she's done.

Stop! You're too big for that! The bridge'll-


Start humming the Indiana Jones theme.

Don't feel so bad. Everyone will end up doing the same.

Being electrocuted will do that.

She got the glow!

"Must have been heartburn"

"Stop groping me"

Whoop, new TRAP type! I guess Reina'll be able to test it out on the next big onslaught of kidnappers.