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Deception III: Dark Delusion

by Mr. Swoon

Part 7

Why is this titled Marco? Is it his funeral or something?


Welp, he's not gonna make it. It's best to leave him here to die and run far, far away.

No! Damn it! That is not what you need to do!

He's delirious. Ignore him and just go home.

It hasn't even been two days since the game started. Reina's had to kill off waves of kidnappers like every ten minutes.

Why does he even have a fever to begin with? Being stabbed isn't like a cold, not matter how weak it makes your breth.

But enough breth. It's time for MORTAL KOMBAT!

So he finances the royal family, instead of just buying the island outright and making himself emperor. Good to know that everyone in this game sticks to the Deception level of stupidity.

He's a knight? I would have guessed stable boy or something, from those clothes.

Like... like the card game?

You hooligan!

Kiss the doggy.

Doggy kisses you!

HEY! You interrupted my kill, you big jerk.

This guy's only attack was making four tiny lightning bolts fly in a circle from his staff. It was like a light show, but with less chance of being hurt.

This might be my new favourite trap. A big statue chops your enemy like they were a carrot.

I don't understand how the people who cast magic spells can accuse anyone else of witchcraft.

Oh goodie another carrot for the super chopper.

And a rock for good measure.


I don't care where he's from, I just want him out of this game and my life even if I have to do it myself.

At any rate, you can guess how I killed him.

Or would have killed him if he didn't cheat.

Avon calling!

"She threw things at me!"

Albert's got revolution fever!

Did you even go to the factory?

Could it be...?


MARCO DIES! / Backup AGAIN! HOORAY! And he'd better stay that way, or else I'm gonna blow up a building.

We also got a ring! Rings add extra properties to traps when you make them. This one makes it so a trap will spring on a timer after you use it. So it's basically useless. Next time: Anachronisms and lots of black screens.