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Deep Black

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: We're in some deep shit. - Let's Play Deep Black [VLP]

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Let's Play Deep Black

Deep Black was a third-person shooter made in 2012 by Bi-Art, a studio that really likes water. All they do is make games about water. Deep Black has water in it, too, and that was its main selling point. It's a cover-based third person shooter, but underwater. That doesn't sound so bad, yeah? I thought so too, because there were a lot of ambitious third-person shooters that got unfairly beaten down in seventh gen, and I couldn't see why this wouldn't be one of them. Well, it isn't. It's very not good. It's one of the most repetitious shooters I've ever played, and on Normal difficulty and upward the game feels like it actively wants to hurt the player emotionally. In one of the best reviews for the title, Absolute Games said, "Deep Black is oozing with disregard towards players. I don't know why people of BiArt Studio hate the world so much, but they finally took their vengeance on it."

So why am I playing it for you? Well, two reasons. One, I'm obsessed with forgotten and hated games. Many of them don't deserve the flogging they receive, and although this is an exception, it is a curiosity nonetheless. I figure it can't hurt to show people what they "missed", because I'm all about preserving things for posterity.

And two, on Easy mode, it's actually quite tolerable and even fun at times. It's still pretty bad, but for fans of awkward games and third-person shooters in general, it's at least a decent waste of time. Again, only on Easy mode.

Let's unravel an international conspiracy. Just uh, don't spoil anything I guess.


#1. Descent

#2. Stunning Development

#3. In Which We Finally Leave

#4. Sub Human

#5. Violating A Computer

#6. Giant Mechanical Crab

#7. Wreckage and Retrieval

#8. Wet Concrete

#9. Wormwood

#10. Tango Down

That's all! Thank you for watching!
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