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Def Jam: Fight For New York

by Lasher


D-Mob, crime kingpin of New York just fucked up real bad.

He pissed off the wrong guy by stealing his girlfriend and getting his goons to beat seven shades of crap out of him at each turn. But despite this hardship the un-named protagonist pushed on and officially won the big tournament D-Mob had set up.

Blinded by rage D-Mob pulls his piece on the plucky hero and tries to blow his brains out but luckily the good guys best friend and resident tattoo artist Manny leaps in the way taking the bullet in the shoulder. Our hero beats the fuck out of D-Mob and leaves with the girl and a grazed Manny in tow.

This is what happens after that little incident.

This is;


D-Mob has fucked up, as I said. Fucked up real bad. You can't run a good business from behind bars.

D-Mob is played by Chris Judge... Better known as;

Shamed, shunned and fallen. D-Mob doesn't quite break down into tears like Paris did, but he comes close.

Luckily for the hero of Def Jam Vendetta the police only seem interested in D-Mob. Everyone else at this illegal underground wrestling event is free to go or just gawk at the arrest.


Starks: You messed up, D-Mob.
Jarvis: Yeah, who's gonna put my kid through college now? Eh?

Starks: Don't worry. Someone else will come along and take his place... Aint that right?

Starks: LOOK OUT!

FUCKOFF! The cruiser gets sideswiped by a big fucking Hummer. This is either a really bad rescue or Mel Gibson is here to visit.

Crawling from the wreckage D-Mob looks up to see his saviour!

Oyster: Come with me if you want to live!

I'm fucked.

Reluctantly D-Mob let's the worlds biggest Mega-Man nerd help him into the wrecked car and they escape into the night! YAY!

This intro is pretty big. I'll be back in a minute with the second half .