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Def Jam: Fight For New York

by Lasher

Part 10: Dan G

Sorry Chilly (awesome name BTW) We already picked Streetfighting.

When we get Drunken Boxing there'll be plenty of drunken Oyster action!

Here's a mini update for y'all. Oyster is sporting the "John Cena" look. You cant see it, but he even has a big diamond padlock around his neck that cost ten grand!

We're off to the Terrordome. Home of old school hip-hop and the craziest dance moves!

Dan G

Straight to the ground. that's where you're going!

Now we have Street Fighting under our belt we have more grapple moves at our disposal.

We're also a lot stronger and our punches are devastating!

We can now KO people with a strong punch!

The soldjah has a new message waiting for him.

Man you can count on me and the rest of the DCP when you go up against Crow. We'll pay that bitch back for what he's done!


Hahaha, you cant stack up to me, son!

Baxter is the only real rapper who isn't credited as such. He goes under the monkier of "Dennis Da Mennace"

He's a snappy dresser and he's just punched Oyster in the head.

So we give him a little taste of one of Oyster's newer and cooler moves!

Best part of the Terrordome is the posts in the middle of the arena that you can vault off for massive damage!


Crazy Legs

Because I like you peopel so much, here's a bonus video.

Crazy Legs and Dan G share the same unique moveset. Why is it unique you may ask? Well Crazy Legs motion captured it himself. He also attempted to "do" his blazin' move but hurt himself on the 4th take so they went ahead and hand animated it. But still, cool huh?

So what's next for Oyster's style/fashion etc?