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Def Jam: Fight For New York

by Lasher

Part 13: Round 3 of the Free For All Tournament

Round 3 of the Free For All Tournament

And on with the regular show! Oyster is going for an Amish Gangsta look.

Welcome to 7th heaven! The premier strip joint in New York. Of course I'm a complete hypocrite here because unlike the Heights and Syn Energy I like this place despite it just beign a big circle. On the other hand it could be because I don't have to fight 17 fucking people here.

Baby Chris

You think you're gonna come in my house and take my shit? I don't think so!



This what you want? Alright you're about to get it right here. Strap up, young'n

Guess what, there's actual story here today!

Just not right here.



We're back at The Limit to take care of some buisness. Seems like Snoop sneakily put Xzibit in charge of the bar after Danny Trejo caught a train with his face so we have to fight for it again.

Carmen:Oyster, this is getting me all hot... You all fighting and whatnot. Take me here!
Oyster:What the hell?

:We need to talk... Alone.

Oyster:Anything you can say in front of me you can say to her. She stays.

: I got a bidness proposition. I'll double whatever D-Mob is paying you if you fight for me.

Oyster:But then I don't get to see the look on your face when I take one of your clubs!

:You're down with D-Mob. That's cool. But you're a winning fighter on a losing team and we all know it's just a matter of time so I suggest you give it some serious thought.

Oyster:Okayyyyyyyyyyy............................ No. Now if you excuse me, I have another club to take.

Something is brewing, here. I just know it.



What we did is put a PS2 and a Plasma tv in your engine so you can play Grand Theft Auto when changin' your oil!

We also put some spinnaz on your SPINNAZ!



We also got messages!
Xzibit:You better hope we don't face off again. Next time I wont be so gentle!
Are you shitting me? The only reason I got hit at all was because I was trying to finish you in a call way to gif.
Ludacris: You keep fightin' like you did last night and this city is ours. Y'hear me? Nice work.
Busta: Hey little funny boy. We aint gonna ask you nicely next time. Aight? Y'hear me? I suggest you take crows offer an all that. Do, do what's in your best interests and things of that nature. Aight homie?
RedmanAlright that last club makes it official. You win the bet. I left 10k on your table and ate the last of your pizza. I HAD THE MUNCHIES DAMMIT!