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Def Jam: Fight For New York

by Lasher

Part 22: VIDEO

When we last saw him, Oyster had just been stabbed in the back and attacked by Snoop. Obviously this will not stand.

The knife took off a large chunk of our energy. But that's nothing compared to the rage building inside Oyster.

He wades in, knuckles and elbows flying everywhere.

He cracks Snoop's head against one of the 3 huge windows adorning the back of the office. 3 attacks against any one window will put it through... But that would be too quick for what this bastard did.

Alas the knife is gone. But the pimp cane?

Snoop uses kung fu. But his is weak. Ours is strong.

Oyster thinks about everything this man has cost him. Everything he's worked for and the only woman he ever loved.



Fuck you, Snoop.

I take it our crew whooped some ass down below too.

Respect. That's what it's all about.


The plan was to have Oyster post this final update. But I haven't heard from him in ages and this was in risk of being archived. Sorry Oyster, buddy.

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