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Def Jam: Fight For New York

by Lasher

Part 3

Oyster is now set up and ready to rock. He has his own pad and is getting paid to beat the shit out of people.

Ok, let's see how the game works then, shall we?

Welcome to Oyster's crib. We can acess the map here which gives us acess to the shops and fight venues. We can check our voicemails and texts. Next is a wardrobe option which will be handy when Oyster unlocks some new clothes and we decide to play "Let's dress Oyster." later on. The speaker is our options, nothing special there and finally we have...

The trophy wall. I'll go into this a bit more later on. Suffice to say it's kind of like the acheivement system for the 360. Do certain things and you unlock a trophy. I'd love to do a 100% run for you guys, but it's damn hard. So, no.

Syndicate Underground Sportswear is home to "Snowman" on of D-Mobs grunts in the first game. We'll find out why he's in the shop buisness later. Yes, I know, shocking. Bit characters have backstory in this game.

Hats, shade, gloves, wristbands, t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, shorts, pants, sneakers, boots, shoes. You name it we don't have it. Seriously the clothing options aren't THAT great. But I'm sure we can find something totaly "Oyster"

Off to the gym we go to meet Rollins. As out of place in a rap game he is, it's fucking Henry Rollins. How fucking awesome is that?

After each fight we earn XP points that can be spent on base stats, new fighting styles and new moves. Moves are super grapples we can do when "Blazin'" but I'll cover those when I cover the whole blaze thing in general.

As you can see Oyster is a bit of a wimp at the moment. After the last fight I bumped up his speed because being slow in this game is the thing that will get your ass beat more than anything else. Take note of the little dots next to each catagory. They are boosts, if you will. Each fighting style will boost that paramiter to a certain degree and as you can see here Martial arts helps with speed. During fights you get a boost after doing certain things like punching a thousand times and whatnot. I'll keep you posted when that happens.

The only thing worth explaining is toughness. This is how much damage you take and how quickly your stamina regenerates. See the HUD section for more details.

Fighting Styles affect your moves, movement and how many ways you can kick the shit out of opponants. Each style has a unique way of knocking enemies out and you can leanr 3 different styles that when mixed together can be quite devastating.

Kickboxing: Kickboxers get a boost to their kicking (What a surprise) and can only K.O. people with a strong grapple and a kick combo. On its own Kickboxing can be a pain in the arse as weak grapples on give you a two hit combo before the opponant shoves you away. On the other hand normal striking combos are longer and quicker.

Streetfighting: Brawlers ger a boost to their upper body strength and can K.O. people with a strong haymaker punch. Terribly slow, but devastating. The most basic of fighting styles but it always leaves you open to a counter attack if you fuck up.

Martial Arts: Speed is the boost you get here but also the lack of any real K.O. moves. What kung-fu guys get is the ability to jump into a wall and kick off like in the matrix or some shit, but obviously this is a lot trickier to pull off than it sounds.

Wrestling: Oh god, wrestling sucks on its own and I pity anyone who picked it as their first style when they first got the game. Cripplingly slow, wrestling concentrates on grapple moves and lets you K.O. people with strong throw moves. But they're so slow to excecute the opponant may have enough stamina to pull themselves back.

Submission: You get eithe a health or stamina boost from submission. I wouldn't know because it sucks and I never pick it. Seriously, you get the opponant in an arm, leg or head submission with a strong grapple and wear down that limbs defences. When that limbs energy bar hits zero the dude will submit. The only trouble being the fight will last 3 times longer than usual if you try this instead of a straight K.O.

Meet Jacob. Jeweler to the stars! This is where you buy your bling! Oh hell yes. Oyster needs some platinum, jewel encrusted grills.

Or an orange casio.

Manny was the best friend of the hero from Vendetta. But because that guy was a dumb mute Manny ran away to open a new tattoo parlour. The HUD section will explain what tatoos and bling do.

Stingray is the fat old guy who does your hair and will give you a shave. But to be fair I think Oyste rwill be getting a hat soon, so I wont bother wasting money on...


Ok, seriously let's go over the mechanics of the game.

1. Names, time, come on... Do I REALLY need to explain this?

2. This is your health bar. Standard fare up to now, right? Why didn't I just post a picture of street fighter? Keep your pants on, dammit. I'm getting to the important stuff soon. All is not what it seems.

3. Blaze meter. This acts as your adrenaline meter kind of. The more the crowd gets behind you this higher this bar fills. The more bling and tattoos you have makes the audience cheer for you more and when the meter fills you can enter "Blaze" mode and you get unlimted adrenaline for a short time (allowing you to run constantly as it also acts as a run bar) and if you grapple the opponant and flick the right thumb stick you can do a blazing move. Blaze moves are crazy, over the top moves that do HUGE damage and can KO an opponant. The more XP points you spend on a move the longer and more damaging it'll be.

Here's my blazing move. (sorry about the darkness. It one of my first gifs.)

4. Stamina. The bright green bar is your current stamina. This will constantly regenerate to fill the dark green bar which is your health bar. Each hit will knock your stamina down in accordance to your toughness (so a slap will take away a sliver from a badass like Danny Trejo, but Oyster would lose a quarter of his stamina) and it was also bring your overall health down too, but obviously not as much.

When your stamina gets too low it turns red and you enter danger mode because your ass can get knocked the fuck out. You can either run away until it refills or take the fight to the other guys and keep him distracted until you're fighting fit again. So in really long, drawn out fights you can knock a guys health down into the danger zone and he'd constantly be in danger of being K.O.ed or you could just stop sucking at the game.

Ok, that was long, overdrawn and boring. Let me get another update on the go and we'll fight some more!