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Def Jam: Fight For New York

by Lasher

Part 8: Welcome to the Dragon House

In this update Oyster is SUPAFLY! He's trying out some old school duds.

Welcome to the Dragon House

Home of the Triad gang in New York. The Dragon House is a Kumite style affair with a feature not yet see... But worry not, I'll show it to you in a second.

Right after Oyster stops quoting Tong Po.



I'm going to show you my art tonight!
Chiang is a real DJ by the way.

Ok, here's the deal with the Dragon House. Fights take place in a wooden ring and as you can see when Oyster's head is kicked into the beams the smash and splinter.

Smashing the same spot 3 times will bust it wide open and leave a gap exposed and you can then win by...




It's only a matter of time before you beg for this to end!

Santos is a boring sack of shit who counters everything.

But this kick reminds me of Sagat so I'll let it slide.


Ok folks. Sorry about the short update but we're coming up to a HUGE plot point in the game and it'll be a mega update. For those of you who have played the game that fight will be a hybrid fight* within a hybrid game and I promise I'll do it justice. For everyone else? You're going to love it.

* Not sure if I should have the train scene as a gif or a video. A video might break up the flow of the post but a gif or two of that scene would be pretty big. The only reason I'm not doing it as a video is if I DONT kill Trejo via a train i can recreate the fight in 1on1 mode and do it that way. If anyone thinks it'd be better as a full video let me know and I'll do that instead.