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Def Jam: Fight For New York

by Lasher

Part 9: WC

I hate to double post. But this bad boy needs to be unleashed upon the world

Welcome to the Red Room. This is Crow's evil version of D-Mobs club 351. You can tell because it's red while our version is blue. That's how it works with light sabers so that's how it works here, ok?


Come come now, I know you aint serious. YOU'RE ABOUT TO GET SMEE-SMASHED!

WC takes it to Oyster by jovially jumping on his face a few times.

Oyster however is not about to take this sitting down. he's been watching Wolfshirt's Hybrid Heaven videos. He's seen it done so now he can perfectly execute a running bulldog headlock.

There's only one thing to do with WC stunned and on the floor. FLYING HEADBUTT FOR THE TOP ROPE!

WC's regular headbutt doesn't compare in the slightest.

Just to prove I can hit a Lionsault.

Damn it's good to be a gangster.
Carmen: Mmmm, great match, baby.
D-Mob: You came through for us again.

Carmen: Looks like my man just took another one of your clubs, Crow.
Snoop: Man, that's what I want to talk to you about. The war is costing us too much. You know it and I know it.

D-Mob: What are you suggesting? A truce?

Snoop: Something much more interesting. A fight. Winner takes all.
D-Mob: The loser?
Snoop: The loser? Hell, I dunno. Loser goes to Jersey.

D-Mob: What are the principles?
Snoop: My boy Crack versus your best man.
Fat Joe: Yeah and I'll make him bleed too. Just ask Blaze. he remembers me.

D-Mob, alright. You're on.
Snoop: So who's it gonna be?

D-Mob: My partner right here.
Sticky: WHAT?

D-Mob: Watch yourself!

Sticky: NAH MAN, You better watch YOURself. I'm outta here.
Quite a comeback there, Stick... Nice one.

Snoop: Looks like you've got yourself a little morale issue there, brother. See you Friday.

D-Mob: Don't worry about Sticky. just you be ready.


Damn straight. Smart money is always on Oyster.

Trejo*cackles like an evil villain* You should of listened when you had the chance bitch. Now CRACK is gonna STOMP your ASS! HehehehehahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAAAAAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

Friday rolls around and it's time for Oyster to... FIGHT FOR NEW YORK! Yes I used the title in the thread. What of it?

Man, what a fucking dive. This is Club Murder. Crows illegal casino/cage arena. His penthouse/office is on the fourth floor.

Baby Chris is on the door. I hate him and Warren g equally.

Wait, I think I was meant to take a left at Talouca Lake... this isn't New York...

IT'S SILENT FUCKING HILL! Oh god, where's "From Earth" when you need him?

Oyster will be sporting an old school mix of hip-hop, high hair and James Hetfeild from Metallica circa Enter Sandman.

Silent Hill would have been much cooler if you could get the mannequins in a leg lock.




But seriously, emoticon captions aside. Well done, we flushed crow out of the city!

D-Mob: Time to celebrate!
Carmen: Where are we going?
Method Man: Sorry baby, business.
Oyster: Sorry, I'll meet you later.
It seems as Oyster gets more powerful the more he alienates his loved ones. By the way, he still hasn't boned her yet.

D-Mob: You did good. Look, we've got a lot to do, but first I want you to have something.

D-Mob: This is to show you how much I appreciate what you've done for us.
It's D-Mobs Vendetta medallion. To be honest I think it's horribly tacky and looks like it's made out of tin, so we'll never wear it.


In an attempt to get away both cars crash! Motherfucking Snoop Dogg. That snake in the grass that...

They're heading for the subway!

GO OYSTER, GO! D-Mob and Blaze are both crippled.

It was close, but that still doesn't stop Oyster.

Just missed the train. Good job really because there were THREE OF THEM, OYSTER!

Sticky! Curse your obvious betrayal!

Danny Trejo steps out of the shadow behind Oyster.
Trejo: Say Goodbye, bitch.


Oyster: Goodbye... Bitch.

 I love that glitch 

What do we do now?

Ok folks, that was epic. But you know what we have to do now. We have to train Oyster in a new fighting style.

Shall we set him on the road towards drunken boxing and give him either wrestling or streetfighting?

Shall we make him SUPER fast with Kickboxing but limit our KO gifs?

Or shall we make him a complete spazz and give him submission. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION