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Def Jam Icon

by Lasher

Part 1: Let's play: ICON

It's a hot sunny day in the hood.

Curtis Carver. Media mogul and well respected record producer. We'll learn more about him later on... As well as the homie with him.

The kids. They love this Carver. He's a real hit.


Let's play: ICON

Curtis Carver has been gunned down in a vicious drive by whilst walking with his good friend NerdShoe. But why did this Icon's life end this way? Let's find out.

Yeah we got that part.

Damn. Stone cold right there.

Damn, this is how all trouble starts. Drunkenly bumping into skinny nerds in bars.

Damn. The nerd's got balls.


You should have seen the other guy!

What gave it away? The blood? Missing teeth?

Sticky Fingaz is back as the surly henchman. Although there wont be anything nearly as cool as a fight to the death in a burning factory in this game.

So that's where our story begins. A nerd in the wrong place at the right time can shape the future in unforeseeable ways. I feel this story can only get more interesting.

Intro parts 1-3: