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Part 12

Jerusalem posted:

Giving you an extra post to help you to the next page, and also to give you kudos for sticking with this games ridiculous storyline. I love what you're doing with Nerdshore and the way you've subtitled some stuff to point out the ridiculous cliches/foreshadowing.

"HE'S FAKING THE FUNK!" got a big laugh from me.

Thanks, mate. This means a lot coming from you. I just want to point out how hard it's been trying to stick to one narrative doing this. But to be honest my brain has now jumped the shark and it's doing it's own thing.

So without further ado...

Ok, I'll admit I copped out a bit here. I planned to have Al from Quantum Leap appear and talk to nerdshoe about the odds of Carver getting shot and killed here. He was going to smack his little glowing computer and it was going to go, "OW!" and everything. But I just didn't have the time. Sorry.

His anger is blinding him. You'll see why in just a few seco...

Part of me think it was THEM in the car. They really do just appear out of nowhere.

[img]Nerdshoe headbutts Tritter and runs off and they don't open fire even though they easily could of gotten away with it[/img]

Ok gotta cut this short. I have a date with Devil May Cry 4 now. But be prepared for life as a fugitive with a mohawk and a stripey beard!

And by request no more animated gifs.