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Part 13: FIGHT!

I'm all numb on painkillers and spite. Have an update.

HAH! Such a shame the game is over in the next update... Or two. Depending on how long I can pull myself away from Devil May Cry 4.

Never saw it coming!

White Zombie - Super Charger Heaven

So we threw a cop out a Penthouse window. So what? We were wanted for murder anyway. Time to get our hide on. But where? What shitty little scum hole would the cops never want to even look at, never mind search? Yeah, that's right!


So the consensus is we take the fight to Troy. Method Man offers to go persuade E-40 to tell us where Troy is. He's in his Penthouse office by the way. I mean there's only 7 places he could be and it's "Troy's Penthouse" so I doubt he'd be anywhere else. But I digress...

Dethklok - Go Forth And Die

So we get this message on our secret phone number;

I... I'm sure it makes sense to someone.


Ok. Next update coming soon. Major spoilers for those who cannot wait!
 Nerdshoe gets shot in the face. The end!