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Part 14: FIGHT!

The old, "I'm going to tie you up in a rug and throw you off a bridge!" threat. A classic!

Sorry boss.

He really does call him fat.

You KNOW what it is.


Tritter also quips about us now being wanted for double homicide. He then shoots Troy. See, it'd be cool if he DIDN'T shoot Troy because we threw him down a lift shaft. But that would be too much effort for EA, I guess. Fade to black.

This isn't how cops should act.



I've had a fun thime with this thread and I hope you guys have enjoyed it as much as me. I'm really sorry if I didn't get around to getting your song played as I slapped some shits around as a nerd. I either couldn't find the song or it was queued behind other requests.

I have some people to thank for all of thei...*?????!