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Part 3: FIGHT

Chilly McFreeze posted:

It's so pretty...

Are there fighting styles in this game, do you get to create your own moveset, or does it work some other way?

I was going to cover that when we unlocked new fighting styled. But what the hell. I'll cover it here too.

Unlike FFNY where you had 5 fighting styles that would combine and merge to create unique stances, moves etc in this game there are 6 base styles that cannot be tweaked.

Ghetto Blaster - Street Fighting
Street Kwon Do - Taekwondo
Black Panther - Kung Fu
Muay Fly - Muay Thai
Beatboxer - Boxing(Wrestling)
Jah Breaker - Capoeira

You start off being able to pick Street Kwon Do and Muay Fly and other fighting styles unlock... Guess how. Go on. I bet you think there's XP points like in FFNY. Nope, wrong. You get new styles depending on how your records sell. Get gold or platinum and another style unlocks.

There's a slight difference between all the styles but it's mainly cosmetic as the background does most of the work for you.


Anyway. Update!

Ludacris is still having troubles with the press. So we do the nerdy thing. We go and beat them up.

Xploding Plastix - Treat Me Mean I Nead The Reputation. (The Gas Chamber Music)

And damn! Nerdshoe is a PLAYA! Wonder if he's gonna tap that fine ass?  Yes 

Anyway we get back home and Mr. Carver has a message for us. He says that beating up members of the press is all well and good. But we have to remember how that image looks because it could hurt sales. To teach me more he's giving me a cut of Luda's business.

Ok here's where it gets technical. Luda has a new single coming out, "Get Back" and we need to invest some money into the release to generate hype, exposure and whatnot. Now at this moment we don't have that much money, so we do what we can with what we've got.

In this dreary screenshot you may be able to see we've spent $330,000 on this single. Focusing mainly on radio/tv airplay. After all in this day and age it's where we'll get the most exposure.

And it's released! We can track it's status here on the computer. Again, if you squint and strain your eyes really hard.

I swear as soon as I start work next week I'll be a 60hertz compatible video card

Anyway we also have some e-mails.

Johnny Nunez - Freedom Of The Press
Yo check it man! Don't think I give up easy. Freedom of the press! I'm totally within my rights.

Yeah and in this bizarro world where houses jump to music I'm within my rights to bust your face open.

A word of advice -- Watch who you date. I don't wanna spoil your game, you do what you're gonna do. But think about how she might affect your style.. And your bank book. If that's your trip go on. Just don't be blind.

Nina Nicole - Wanna Go Out?
Hey, I got your number and wanted to see if you was ok. Let's go out sometime.

Reply - HELL YEAH!
Reply - HELL NAW!

We replied Hell yeah, because Nerdshoe is a playa!

But back to business.

We have two people Mr. Carver would like us to sign to his label. Paul Wall and Mike Jones. Now Paul is having trouble with a crooked promoter and Mike is currently feuding with Sean Paul. If we "helped" them with either problem they'd be likely to sign with us. So what's it to be, guys?