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Part 4: FIGHT

Let's talk about another feature of the game. Taunts.

You may see me wandering off to a random corner during a match to throw out some trash talkin'! Putting your opponent down and making him feel like crap will make your next attack do double damage. But it leaves you vulnerable and if the enemy gets his hit in on you first YOU receive the double damage. EXCITING, HUH?

Let's check up on Luda's song before we go punch Sean Paul in the chops.

Damn. Not doing to well at the moment. But our percentage isn't too shabby so let's go get some bling!

Step up off my grill, dog! Hell yeah. All gangsters need bling on their teeth.

Let's go deal with Sean Paul. Alas he doesn't make any gibberish death threats in this game.

Weird Al - Hardware Store

I got another e-mail from our legal representative Maury Cline. Just to let me know that any of our rappers who fuck up will come crawling to ME to set them straight. With money, of course. Bah.

And I forgot how this game plays out slightly so we have to go and sort out Paul Wall's issue too. A shady promoter needs to learn some respect! So...

Tiny Tim - Living In The Sunlight Loving In The Moonlight

I now have Tiny Tim on my 360. Thanks, LP forum.

I get a message from Mr. Carver
Time to make a choice
You hooked up with both artists and showed our commitment to them. Now that's what I'm talking about. But now we've got to do some business. If you get a good feeling about one of them sign them, we'll make them a priority.

See there was this one time when I signed GFK as my first superstar. That was happy times.

We have to go sign Mike Jones now. But rumour has it Lil' John is scouting for a rival company. Now I'm sure this shouldn't affect us... Right?

[b]Devo - Whip It

Wish it was GFK. But whatever.

Mr. Carver/Mike Jones
They want to go out to a club to celebrate. Sweet. I'll get to that next update. But right now we have more important business.

THAT GOLD DIGGING STRUMPET! I tell her to fuck right off. I aint a scrub but that's just plain cheeky.

But in better new we get to set the percentage of royalty money we get from Mike Jones. Hoo hah! I set it to 30 for now. We're small time so the opportunity to leech of him and others will come soon enough.

Next time, we'll go for that drink and I'm sure no one will pick a fight with us. Oh heaven forbid!