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Part 5: Video

Lars Blitzer posted:

2 pages already and no mention of M.C. Chris or Futuristic Sex Robotz on your 360? For shame! Or hell, I'd like to see what would happen with the songs from Osu! Ouendan! Tatakae!

Name some songs and I'll see what I can do.

Rirse posted:

Why does Nerdshoes sound like a deep voice black guy when he is a pale nerd? I love the song you are using so far, as they make the videos funny to watch.

Same reason his skin looks awful. The devs didn't think nerdy white dudes would buy the game.

Anyway. To celebrate our glorious victory Nerdshoe has bought himself some right dapper threads.

Meet Troy Dolla. The BAD record producer. the record producer who loves money so much he named himself after it. Of course no one had the heart to tell him Ted DiBiase beat him to it years ago... Plus Ted had a cooler laugh.

Wicked iceburn there. No, totally tell him his hair is dumb next!

You tell him, Nerdshoe! Curtis doesn't really say this but he totally makes Nerdshoe out to be Jesus.

Did I mention Troy likes money? Looks like Nerdshoe isn't impressed.


Let's head on home and check our e-mails.

Newsletter from NMA about hos shit Fallout 3 is going to be.
Some bollocks from Mr. Carver and Ludacris telling me to avoid Troy Dolla because he's bad news as if I couldn't tell from his smarmy "I'm the bad guy," voice.
World Of Warcraft activation codes.
Oh! Some guy called Young Jeezy has been stealing samples of our music. This is bad for business because people will think we're following the pack instead of running it.

Weird Al - White And Nerdy

He'll think twice before messing with out tunes. Speaking of which, Mike Jones is working on his single! Sweet. Time to start saving some money to fund the release. But Mike says he needs to settle a score with E-40. Luckily he isn't going to "pop any caps in his ass." They're going to listen to some Wings and talk about it like civilized gents.

Well. I was half right.

Wings - Silly Love Songs

I figure we need a gif here someplace. Unlike FFNY this is about as brutal as the environmental attacks get.

Now that he's finished the fight he can get back into the studio. See Artists sometimes fight and winning fights raises morale. The higher the morale the better the songs will be. This also works like dates with women. Sometimes Mike will call me up and ask for a new phone or car and instead of spending his OWN money, muggins here has to pay. Speaking of money drains...


Ahem. Sorry. Back to the grindstone and we have to go speak to Redman about signing him to our label! About time, someone awesome on our side. But rumour has it Paul Wall is baying for our blood since we didn't sign him.

Beastie Boys - Sabotage

When we get back we get some other good news. Redman is interested in joining us, Ludacris just went gold and Mike Jones is close to finishing his song!

All we need to do now is sort out Jim Jone's stalker and by the time we've finished doing that we should be able to release the song.

The Scarface Song for Scarboy - Push It To The Limit

Hell yes. We pump all the cash we can into the release and advertisement of this song. This is where we come into our own. NOW we should start raking in the big money!

Decision time!
Who do we sign?