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Part 7: FIGHT

I'm finding some of these songs a bit hard to find. That Captain Jack song for starters. I only have it on vinyl and thanks to a certain Disney movie all I can find online is fucking Johnny Depp music videos. Next update will feature 100 percent more Jet Set Radio music though.

Mike Jones has approached us claiming he's been getting hassled by an off duty cop. So like any normal person he invited him to a gas station and beats him up.

The Tijuana Brass - Spanish Flea

Well that was a productive Sunday afternoon so Nerdshoe decided to celibrate by acting as Mexican as possible. He gets cornrows, a shady looking goatee, bling and a white suit. This in turn bumps our style points up high enough to get an upgrade!

We're now a hustler and this in turn unlocks two new fighting styles!

On the non violent side of things we've got Redman's new song produced and released! let's hope it does well.

Lil John has been causing trouble for some of our boys by dissing them. Lil John really should have been this games Flava Flav. All staggering around crunk and horny.

Grip Like A Vice

Ok so let's check the record char...

HOLY SHIT! Straight to number one!!! I knew getting Doc on our team was a good idea. Hey, got a message from him too.

Redman, I will personally drive a truck with BALES of pollen to your front door and I will personally pitchfork it into your house you glorious bastard.

Next on our agenda is the help Big Boi out with a shady promoter who... Wait it's the same fucking guy! This dude never learns.


Oh hey, the TV just turned itself on and there's another newsflash!

"Hi. I'm a politician and violent video games and Hip-Hop are really bad for the children of this country. Get it? It's ironic because this is a video game. Boy, talk about low hanging fruit!"

Edgy. Let's get back to the violence and murder, shall we? It looks the Mr. Carver also wants to sign The Game to our label but Troy has sent Ghostface Killah to stop us. FUCK I wanted Ghostface on our label. Bollocks.

Oingo Boingo - Little Girls

See what I mean about the lights when you use your own music? We go to the bar to celebrate our victory when this little lady comes over...

So this chick is all, "Hey I saw you on the TV!" An' I'm all, "Hell yeah, babe." And she's all, "Call me sometime." Man, I'm a playa!

OH JESUS! It's going to take something special to top this. Redman is already back in the studio and on top of that I have that chick from the club calling me AND an old flame called "Platinum" who I've never heard of before. But I'll roll with it. But the important thing here is who do we sign to our label?


Not meaning to sway any votes here but The Game has a pretty sweet new venue to fight in.