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Part 9: FIGHT!

Double post. Sorry, but the good news is I fixed my card... Which means we can finally go to the club and meet Ludacris like he wanted. Which club you ask? Oh only the same club where every time I step in the door some wanker attacks me. So guess what happened?

Jet Set Radio. The Soundtrack. The Game

Damn straight. Motherfucker be fronting! So we've got sufficiently pissed... It's time to drive home!

Oh shit. Busted and we haven't even got into the car!

It was unintentional, but I love the "Aw shit!" look on his face.

"Damn kids an' theire hippin and their hoppin and runnin on my lawn!" And what the fuck is a beefboy? We're a record mogul, not a rent boy.

So the story so far; Record producer Curtis Carver takes us in under his wing because we're good at beating people up. He let's us produce some tracks and they hit big. Troy Dolla is our evil rival but aside from hastle us he hasn't done anything outright evil. NOW we have Detective Tritter on our case too.

Man, can a nigga ever get some peace?

In better new The Game has released his first song and we pump a spare 3 mil' into it's release.

And that hot babe invites a couple of her friends around for a party. This leads to an incredibly hot orgy *FFFM* But I forgot to hit record. Sorry guys.

Whilst Nerdshoe has 3 chicks tounging his balls The Game is out fighting because he's all gangster and shit.

Aphex Twin - Windowlicker

Aw yeah! We say goodbye to our woman and check our e-mails and the record sales.

Multi-Platinum in a matter of weeks! This is great! What's even better is Redman has now been nominated for an award at the awards show! I swear to god that's how they describe it... "An award at the awards show..." Yeah well now I'm in the mood to hit someone again and as luck would have it Mike Jones is being hastled by one of Tritter's goons. We also got a voice mail of him.

Thought I'd call to see how you're doing. I would of stopped by, but I realised I realised I didn't have your address. I mean that's private information! Where would I be able to get ahold of something like that? Or your telephone number for example? That's unlisted isn't it? I'd need some serious connections to get that info wouldn't I? You think about that.

We're also going for the "Geno" look. In case you missed that before.

Pop Will Eat Itself* - Everything's Cool

Well awards night is coming up and we've got to make sure Redman is alright. We got another anonymous e-mail saying Troy was going to try and put Doc out of buisness so we should chaperone him in case he get's so staned that he falls asleep under a bus or something. But first a few e-mails.

Aw yeah!

Redman aint into mumorpergers.

Also another voice mail from Tritter.

I gotta hand it to you. You look after your crew like a Don. But don't get any funny ideas. There's a reason I'm keeping this off duty otherwise I would have kicked your front door in weeks ago. Wait! Shhh... You hear that? Sounds like someone's clock is ticking...

Shit. No time to play his mind games I have to make sure no one tries to jump Redman at the award ceremony! Or to be more specific the after party. Because god forbid they have a cool arena in some kind of hall...

The Macc Ladds - Gangbang

*One of the best bands ever fronted by musical genius Clint Mansell of Requiem For A Dream and The Fountain fame.