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Dekiru Otoko no Mote Life

by Nyaa

Part 1: Day Girl 1 - Success

Day One: Co-worker

Our first target of the day is our co-worker, Kamatani Arata.

Logical choice is important, but don’t forget to impress her too, or you will just end in the friend zone ending!

Beginning of the day…*ring ring ring*


I have to go to work today…

Commuting to work…

Woohoo! So wonderful!

Cute and sweet…


“An empty seat!”

We have a clear winner on our first logical choice.

Yes, sonny?

Oh, is that so.
Please have a seat.

Not at all, ma’am. Is everything to your satisfactory?
Yes, I’m. Thank you very much.

During work…


Note: Tateishi Kanta is our protagonist’s name, more on his bio later.

Nope! Nope! Work! Work!

I guess the answer can a bit vague until you realize that Kanta is an egotistic idiot. He didn't even tap the key 'Lightly'.

Also, 'Enter' key have nothing to do with saving the data unless you are in some confirmation prompt.

So scary! This man is scaryyyyy!
Miss Arata!
Can you come over for a moment?
Hmm? What is this about… the chief is always so scary…
Sigh~ how troublesome! Miss Arata, when will you ever finish your task?
I’m so sorry, Chief…
So stupid…
… and this isn’t the first time.

… my apology.
Alright, get back to work.
…then I will return to my task…

“Maybe I’m not suitable for this job…”

I decide to slightly change any answers from now on to better reflect the result, so you all won't fall for it. keep in mind that Kanta could go all out on the wrong action.

A little thought about the result: Tapping the enter lightly would most probably spook/annoy your coworker that sees you do it. Since that's a bad choice, the game decide to maximize the effect and upgrade the 'spook' to 'scary' for humor sake, but yes, the choice is vague so future answers will be modified for clarification.

Also, beside making 'logical' choice, there's one more important hint that you all seems to missed that could help you make your choice.

kind face: 6
listen & advice: 7
Experiance: 5

You guys and your close three-way ties again.

Hmm, about that… what happened?
It was…

... Contraction Planning.
That’s so embarrassing.
It's alright! Everyone makes mistakes.
… really?
Yep, you just need to calm down the next time you answer the phone and everything will be fine. In fact, I bet our boss wasn’t even bother by it.
Thanks for reassuring me…
I feel much better already…

Getting the phone…

*Ding* *Ring* *Ring* *Ring*

(Ah, the phone…)

The caller asks for you, Kanta.

This one is actually very short and easy, so I will pick C and continue.

Thanks you very much.

Hello, Kanta, I am from High Wealth Commerce.
(Arata is watching me…)

Bonus Update

Since the ‘tap enter key’ bad choice from before is partly me and the game fault for being too vague, and since you all have been voting it correctly for the rest of the choices so far, I will change this part into the correct choice instead! Especially since this part have a larger relation boost than the others.

It’s finally done…

Incidentally, this is also his ‘kind face’, which is a bad choice since he overdoes it at the other choice.

Please check it!

As I said, huge boost that we missed.

Loud 1
Whisper 2
Clear 7
Silent 4

Nice to meet you sir, I am Tateishi Kanta!
Yes, uh huh, yes. Understood, hm hmm, and then?

End of the work day…

The day’s work is finally over.
Excuse me, Kanta…
That… hmm... if you won’t mind…

Please help me with my work!
Ehh!? Sure--

This is too obvious, so I will pick C again and continue.

(This really is… my lucky break!)

Of course I would help!
Thank you very much!

Overtime hours…

Let’s take a break!
Ah, alright! I will go get some coffee!

Sometime later…

Sorry for the wait.
Ah, thanks a lot!
Thanks for the hard work!

By the way, what do you do on your free time after work?
Hmm? Things I do after work?
That would be… umm…

This is a very important choice, vote very carefully.

Her first 13
Me first 10

Before that…
What do you do on your free time?
Ehh! Me?
You really want to know?

We have voted, there’s no going back!

I really want to knooooow.
Yes, yes!
What do you do?
I’m at leisure during the weekend.

Nice way to say: "She doesn’t have a hobby", but she’s happy you care about her.

Hmmm, I see…
Oh and as for me.
On my off hours…
Yes ?
Generally, I…

Good job goons, we won’t have been able to ask about her hobby if we talk about ours first since Kanta can be such a topic killer.

But now that the toughest choice is out of the way, we have saved enough points for three of the choices here to be safe, and their sub-choices are also safe to pick (including the horrible one). Just don’t pick the wrong one here and we can almost win her heart!

Group 5
Movie 8
Overtime 1
Wash 3

The bad choice is actually overtime, imagine a future husband that prefers to stay at work rather than going home. Wash is actually the best choice which means you like to do chores at home. A homely man.

Yeah, I watch movies regularly!
I see! Then what kind of film do you like to watch?

Welcome to the sub-choice, which I mentioned that all the choices here is safe to pick. Apparently Arata is open minded (and like you enough) to accept whatever hobby you like. Go ahead, pick your choice, you earned it.

Action 5
Love 1
Sexy 2
Moe 7

Close tie for Action and Moe, since the scenes is pretty short, I will do both results!


That would be…
Action Flim! Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal, crouching tiger, hidden dragron, etc, etc.

Oh, the atatatatatata kind of feeling!


That would be…
Super moe anime!

Ohhh, Kanta really is a 2D Otaku.

That’s that. Back to working.


I am really thankful for your help.
Pheeeew, I am tired…

This is the last choice. One horrible answer that will drop us into friend-zone, one good answer, and one bad answer that we have enough points to take on and still get good ending. Good job everyone.

Brag 6
Normal 16
Courtous 2

Pheeew. Time to go home!
Yeah, alright!
We worked hard today!
Nah, It’s all thanks to you, Kanta!
You’re welcome.
Very welcome.

The next day at work…

Good morning, Kanta.
Good morning, Arata.
Thanks again for last night.
Not at all!

Ah, how about we go to dinner together next time?
Ah, sure.
Oh! Yes!
Really! As thanks for yesterday!
Ah, for real?
Of course.

Hurry and swim over here~~

Kanta having a date with Arata at the beach!

Great job, the first hint the game gives is to make logical choice, and the second hint is actually in the character profile, specifically her preference type, which is ordinary people, so the best choice for Arata is actually Logical and Ordinary/Normal choices!