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Part 9: Day Girl 4 - Success

Now for a real update.

Success Route

When Kanta saw the Hijiri reading a magazine…

This has to be a fashion magazine!


Girl these days…
Is actively researching fashion!
Her casual cloth must be…

“Very cute.”

After asking to look at her magazine…

Ohhh… these aren’t bad!

“Ahhh, this one is cute!”

This is really nice!

Both cute and cool works, sexy will creep her out and instant death. I will pick the cute one.

Ahhh! This is cute!
Yeah, I think so too.

Yep, it fits perfectly!
On me?
Yep! It fits you! This…
(What is this?)

This camisole!
It does looks nice.
You seems to have be interested in fashion, Kanta.

Not much to the demon lord choice, same for no interest. Hate choice devoid into speech about poisoning of society and we should pursuit spiritual fashion. So we are interested.

I have some interest, but not fanatic enough to give up my life for dressing up.
I understand.

When invited Hijiri to shop together and suddenly feel the date might be a bit… sudden…

(It might be a bit sudden…)
(… But no matter how sudden it is… we are merely going to the sales event…)
(… It’s probably fine, we will have lots of fun!)

It takes three self-thoughts for Kanta to stop himself from acting weird.

Then I will take my leave for the day.
Ah, thanks for the hard work.

When deciding shopping plan…

Iron rule of gentleman: Ladies first.

Let’s buy the stuff you want first.
Can I!?
Then I will take up your offer!

When deciding the pacing of shopping…

Never rush the ladies.

Take your time! No need to rush!
Ah! Yes!

When Hijiri asks which clothes is better…

Can’t go wrong with picking the same style she’s wearing.

This color looks nice.
This one?
Yes. I figure you might like this color.
You really understand me!
And yes, I do!

When Hijiri want to visit more stores…

Man up and keep walking!

Sure, let’s go visit the other stores!
Eh! Really?
Thank you!
It’s a rare opportunity to come here, so we shouldn’t waste it!

While checking the other store’s clothes…

Oh no, what to do…
Oh, this one is not bad!
But the previous one seems to be better, right?

Muster all your willpower and walk all the way back!

Yeah, the previous one is better.
Wanna go back to the previous store?
We must get the best one!
Yes! You are right!

When deciding to buy the cloth she like as a present…

Choice A and B actually split into a different event with its own good outcome, so we will go with the first one for now.

This looks nice and cute on you, let me buy it for you as a gift.
Oh, I can’t simply accept such kindness.
Excuse me, sales clerk. Can you wrap this up?
Ohh, can I really?
Thank you so much, Kanta!
Kanta, do you think this miniskirt is cute?
Yes! It looks really nice!
Then would you mind if I go try it out now?
Sure, go ahead.

Kanta, you still there?

“H-how do I look?”

So cute, and fitting…

Always compliment the ladies.

It’s perfect, Ms. Hijiri! It’s wonderful!

Going back to C and go with shy choice because it has a nice scene for it.

That is...
How was it?
Hmm, it’s great.
It fits you well.
Try it out.
Dressing room is over here~

“It’s very fitting.”

Then it is decided.

At the end of shopping…

I have fun too!
You have a rough day, right?
Eh! Why?
It feels like you have taken lots of care for me today…

Now is not the time to bitch.

Everything is fine, everything.
Are you sure?
It’s alright. I really have fun.
Really! Really!
We really have a great time!
…Then, thanks for the day!
Thanks for all your help!
We brought a lot of things today!
Yeah .
Then this will be it for today.
Yeah, see you.

The next day…

Yesterday was fun!
It was great!
We brought a lot of things.
Quite a lot.
The gift you gave me is a camisole right?
I brought it with me today.
Ahh, is that so…

Now is the time to invite!

Let’s have dinner!
I look forward to see how you look in the camisole.
Let’s go!

A month later…

How do I look?