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Part 12: Day Girl 6 - Success

As mentioned before, I haven’t played this route yet so I can join the goon hivemind of voting! Three saving chance as compensation for the lack of foresight this time and I highly suggest no one follow my vote because I suck at this.

Day Six: BBQ

It’s summer, let’s go BBQ!

Another co-worker. Kanta is trying to build his office girl harem or something.

A day at the workplace…

(Hmm… What are these people looking at?)

(Ah, a company event notice… This year is…)


BBQ! This should be interesting!


It will be so much fun, everyone would participate, right?
You must come; anyone that doesn’t would be a little too shutin. You would come, right? Ms. Shoko?
(Ms. Shoko!)
Of course! This is the BBQ! I can’t wait!
(Ms. Shoko is going… Hmm... Hmm…)



The day of the event…

Today is the day of BBQ!

Speaking of casual clothing…
Ms. Shoko casual outfit…

“Must be… Very cute.”

Hmm… That can only be witnessed in social gathering where everyone in is in their casual attire.

Stylish: 3
Normal: 4
Weird: 8
Characteristic: 19

                       "Yes… I will wear this one…"

                                            *Chatting noises*


                                  “Oh, I spotted Ms. Shoko!”


Freddie… it’s Freddie right…?

This is too much fashion!
Let’s get on the bus.

Everyone: “Okay!”

Kanta then revert back to his working cloth due to mysterious forces!

Hmm… there’s a lot of seats…


Good manner is always the best answer.

Excuse me.
Oh, hey!
Can I sit next to you?
Ah, sure, please!


The bus will now take us to our destination. Everyone have fun!

Today is a sunny day! So wonderful!
Because I am the man of good weather!
Besides, we haven’t has BBQ for a very long time.

(One more hour until we reach the destination… What should I do?)

Each of these have a different sub-choice.

Chat 15
Nap: 1
Hold Hand 3
Motion Sickness: 2

Kanta is very psych up for it!

These kind of activities are very fun!
And we get to see the different side of everyone!
That’s true!
So, I would say that BBQ is…
Umm hmm…

Some time later…

(Are we there yet?)

This is… the symptom before a vomit!

Can’t go wrong with caring.

Ms. Tanaka.
… yes…?
Are you alright?

Not feeling well?
… Yes, a little…
I see!

This would have been a tough choice without the medicine.

… Tha-thanks…

Arrived at the destination…


Okay, I will help too!

Lift: 11
Light Lift: 1
Run: 5


No Thanks: 0
Accept her help: 13
Carry her load: 1
No mercy: 3


I am fine! I might look skinny, but everything in my bone is muscle.
Let’s begin the BBQ!

It was not enough?
Leave it to me!

… How is it?
… Hmm… This is hard. I can’t do it!

Someone have to save the day.

Let me try.
Oh, good, you know how to start a fire, Kanta?

Be pro! Have confident!

It’s lit!

Kanta is like “I AM GOD!”

Ohhh... So you have to do it like that!

Can we eat it now? Ah, I will eat it now!
Calm down, Ms. Tanaka!
The meat is in front of me…

She has gone berserk!?

Note: The food is ready to serve.

Distribute: 1
Lecture: 0
Prepare Drinks: 12

I will help!
You’re welcome.

Some time during the meal…

By the way, do we have a radio? How about some music?
Kanta, didn’t you bring your MP3 player?
Yep, I did.
Then please hook it up and play something.

Note: Enka is a Japanese music genre considered to resemble traditional Japanese music stylistically

Single: 1
Enka: 3
Metal: 11
Party: 12

It feels refreshing and wonderful!
Hm, I heard it in a car two years ago… it’s the theme music of a certain commercial!
(Kanta really knows the mood!)

Dark clouds are gathering…

Ahhh, I am full.
This is sooo gooood!


The weather was so nice a moment ago…
The mountain weather are unpredictable.
We should find a shelter.

(Ms. Shoko is a soaked; she seems to be cold…)

Coat: 5
Fire: 9
Game: 10

How about we play hide and seek?
This place is too narrow to play it.
Hm, this is not the time to play.

Coat: 5
Fire: 9
Game: 10

Welp, fire choice won while I was making the game result, so let’s see the fire result.

What the hell are you doing, Kanta!
I’m just collecting some woods to warm us up…

Mr. Kanta, please stop that. You are making too much smoke.

---------------Full Stop---------------------

We need to backtrack to fix some choices now.

Ahh… this is what I get for not playing though it before I LP this route. One of the auto choice skip I made was wrong, so I will fix that, along with using one saving chance for fixing the clothing choice and one other saving chance to fix the game/fire choice later.

First is the normal clothing.

“Hello everyone!”

Hey there, Kanta!

When Tanaka is not feeling well, asking Shoko to check on her is the best choice. My bad on this auto skip error.

Ms. Shoko…
Ms. Tanaka doesn’t seem to be well…
You’re right… she doesn’t look well.
It might be improper for me to ask her myself, can you go help her out?
Sure, I will check on her.

How is she?
Oh, It’s just a little motion sickness.
She will be fine.

With those two choices changed, we unlock an additional scene for the getting some drinks scene.

I will help!
You’re welcome.
Oh! It seems fishing is allow here.

Will I catch something…?
Any luck?
Oh, Ms. Shoko!


Chat stuff: 0
Chat work: 0
Fish: 9
Past: 1

You wanna try fishing?
Can I? Let me try!

---------------Back to game/fire choice---------------------

Ask her is the best choice because coatless Kanta = half naked

How are you doing, Ms.Shoko?
The weather suddenly changed, and now I am a bit cold.

Fire god do not tell cold joke.

The rain won’t stop for a while; we should get back to the bus.
Good idea…

“The sky is all dark.”

On the way home…

The BBQ event was fun!
Yes, but a day sure passes by so quickly.
(The bus is swaying left and right, it seems the bus driver is not feeling well…)

Cheer: 2
Chat: 1
Rest: 15

A tie? Let’s see how both plays out.

This man seems familiar.

Sir, but the time is really late…

Safety first.

(Hm, although everyone won’t be happy…)
(But being late…)
Is better than having an accident, right?

Speaking of accident... :rms:

Let me drive it for you.
Alright, sir.
Ah? You know how to drive a bus? Do you have driving license?

Last chance to go back? NO WAY! WE ARE DRIVING THIS BUS!

I got my driving license back when I serve at the JSDF (Japan Self-Defense Forces)!
Ohh, didn’t think you had it in you!
Cool! You are so cool!

At the rest area…

Eh? Where’s our bus?
Yeah, it suppose to be here…
I left my phone on the bus…
Me too…

Yell: 5
Look: 1
Hitchhike: 4
Wait: 8

Choice with the best result is actually to look for friends, but I won’t call it the best decision though.

It’s best not to move around at time like this, we should wait here.
Will they find us?
They will get worried and start looking for us.
They really came!
What’s taking so long? We are so worried!

In the bus…

This confirms that we win the lady’s heart!

At the end of the trip…

See ya!

Although a lot of things happened, we’re very happy!
(Now will be easier to chat with her at work.)

Two months later…

Kanta, come over here~~