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by Nyaa

Part 15: Day Girl 7 - Failure

Failure Route

When deciding what to do the night before going to an amusement park.


For tomorrow… For the glory man of tomorrow… I must be prepare.
But what to prepare?


Note: It really is Mufufu (ムフフ) in the original text.

For the long day tomorrow!
Calm down my soul! Calm down my manhood!

Better watch something else to calm down!

I guess… It works differently for different people!
Hmm~ I see, I see…
So it’s like that after all… Not bad!
This is some good stuff!
… Although…

Keep going!

It’s not over! There’s still a bit more!

I have finish it…
But I am late!

Oh no…

Did she left in anger?

… It couldn’t be! What should I do!

Sorry! I overslept… ♪
(Oh ho! I thought you won’t come!)
(Speaking of that…)
(She’s late!? HEY!)

I will just act pissed to hide the fact that I am late too!

I am sorry…

Never admit you are wrong!

(What’s with this attitude… Unbelievable! It’s my bad that I was late… But how could this man be so stinky!)
(Stinky, stinker!)

When the mascot come out to meet the guest…

A monster appeared! Time to protect my woman!

Kyaaa! Stop him!

*Crowd noise*

... What just happened...

When deciding who to take a picture with Mr. Po…

Mr. Po alone is good enough.

Alright! Time to take some photo!
Yeah! Let’s do that!
Come over here, Mr. Po!
Good~ Hurry and face me.
*Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!*
(Ehhhhhhh! This didn’t feel right!)
Wah! Mr. Po is so cute! Absolutely cute!

Oh… Thank you…

What’s wrong with Rita? Ohhh, right, I almost forgot.

Alright! Time to take some photo!
Please take a picture of me and Mr. Po!
Ehhh! Just you and Mr. Po…?
Of course!

Whaa! So mean!
Rita! Do it now! Press the button! Press it!
Press it!
Ah! I get it! I get it! I will press it now~ *Kacha* I will take a few more in case it doesn’t look good~ *Kacha* *Kacha*
(This didn’t feel right at all!)

Good for you, Kanta.
Then let’s go to the next area!
Eh! Ah… Sure…

When someone is cutting the line…

No one cut my line and get away with it!

“Power, Energy, Harmony, Healing, Intuition, Awareness, Dimension, Creation, Absolute!”

“How dare you fight in Dreamland! This is a place for good kids!”

Oh my! Look at how blue your face is!
Are you alright, Kanta!?
Hmm… I am sorry…
Although I understand your feeling… But mere bravado is not enough…
Rash courage!

When you got a call from your boss during your date…

Career, who cares.

Eh! …What…

When Rita want to eat ice-cream but she won’t be able to finish it…

Oh come on, it’s just a cone.

Go for it! This is a small snack for you!
Umm… I…
Do I look like a glutton to you…?

When the girl reveal she has no confidence in her look….

All women are proud of their breast, so this must be the best thing to compliment them!

Your breast won’t lose to any AV star!
That pair of tits is very dazzling!
What are you saying!!
What cup is it?
D… No… E…
Is F isn’t it! It must be F!
NO! I feel… Sick…
Ahh~Now I am horny!

We all know how this date ended.