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Part 155: The Special Girl - Happy Times

All these cosplay drawings took me forever.

Hero: 2
Patriot: 12
Miner: 2
Drill: 16
Freddy: 1

I realized that Kamina’s costume might be considers Low-effort, so I will make-up to the Patriots later.

Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb! Comiket, here I come!

Outside the Tokyo Big Sight building…

Hmm, this should be the place…

Baby, why are we coming here? There’s only a bunch of nerds here.
Come now, honey. Zis is part of the Japanese culture, aren’t you Japanese?
Well, yes, but I rather we go to the movies…
Please~ It will be fun~
O-oh fine.
Sat’s my szeetie.

Such level of cosplay… I… I…


Readingaccount" post="421875009 posted:

The style of humor and language is slightly different, but improved, especially for our tastes.

I can certainly replicate the original humor, but the route would become generic like the Movie Girl Route, which we won’t want that for Tanaka route!

I also try to insert references that the western viewers would get, but there will be a few obscure one for the minority too.


Stand: ∞

A true man never dies ... Even when he's killed!

Special thanks to tiistai.

ARTHAS! The blood of your father, of your people, demands justice! Come forth, coward, and answer for your crimes!
Foolish creatures, drunk on your spiral power. Do you possess the resolve to do that?
You might have won this time, but I shall surpass you someday, and then surpass the heavens!

gg, noob.

Good game.

Is this armor real?
Not really. It’s mostly some leather and thin layer of lightweight steel, but it still weights 8 pounds.
Wow! That’s heavy!
Yeah, I will have a sore back if I wear it for too long.

This look expensive.
Of course it is. This is the Cyber-shot M1911A1!

“The camera len polished to a mirror sheen, providing a smooth area of light transition into the chamber on, improving quality”

“Mating of frame and slide for a precise, tight fit, with the frame itself having been iron-welded and scraped down multiple times, for maximum precision and accuracy”

“A high-profile 3-dot type sight system. It features an enlarged front sight, giving it superior target sighting capability, helping the user to see over bad weather”

Wow! Sounds expensive!
It is. I have to sustain on noodles for half a year to get this customized M1911A1.
That’s rough.
It would be terrible if anything happens to my camera.
Alright, I will go ask someone to take the photo for us.
Stop right there, Kanta!
Tis, tis, tis. There’s no need for that.
Then how are we going to take a picture together?
You underestimated the power of this camera! It has a self-timer function to take it for us!

Noooo! My camera!

Yell: 15
Shoo: 4
Pose: 3
Rock: 2

I will end you, birdling!
The magma of our soul burns with a mighty flame!
Owww cawww owww cawww! *Fly away*

How’s the camera?
It’s fine, but it took a picture of our raging face instead.
We can take another o- *drip drip*

My camera!
My cosplay!

At the locker room…

Rest in peace, o’ great lich king. May you forever slumber in your Frozen Throne.
My arm tattoo was washed off by the rain.
There goes the only redeeming quality of your low-effort cosplay.
Kamina is never low-effort, you take that back.
Whatever you say. Are you ready for the whole new world of Comiket?
I am born ready.
Alright. Stay close to me or you will be lost in the sea of otakus.

Into the world of Comiket...

Carry: 14
Don’t carry: 7

Tanaka, those seem pretty heavy. Let me hold it for you.
O-oh, no thanks, I can hold them just fine.
(What could those books be?)

                                                            “Don’t be shy! I INSIST!”

Nooo! This is not for your eye to feast upon! It will destroy your soul!

Damn it Kanta, you really don’t have to hold this!
It’s okay, I lift my cat everyday!
That doesn’t even make sense!
I workout a lot!
These books aren’t that heavy!
It’s heavier than my cat!
Why are you doing this!?
I am good pack mule, yes? Pack mule want more!
Noooo-- Gah!

What… Is… This…

These used to be actual choices, but in the interest of this thread not getting derail or gassed for certain controversial topics, they will remind censored. You can still vote on any of them though.

A: 5
B: 8
C: 2
Apologize: 2
Mufufu: 2

This is where it supposed to reveal what you voted for the book.

Nooo! Don’t read it!


Chase: 15
Leave: 1


“Ohhhh my gosh… Is that what I think it is…”

Gyaaaaaaaa! I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! Something foreign and only available in English has made it into comiket!

Here you go, babe. What so great about this book anyway?
I like the chubby purple clown on the covar, izn’t he cute?
Ehh, yeah… Yeah. Cute
He looz just like you, all chubby and purple. *snigger*
Ehehe, I guess-
Hey! Give that back! I saw it first!
Huh? Too bad, my girl wants this book.
Nooo! Give it back you fatty!


Holz on, ulgy purple?
Yeah, what an ugly cosplay this is! Pretending to be some 80s crime boss and think this ugly terrible shade of purple make you look cool!
Is that truz, honey? Your fashion is bad?
No, babe, no, don’t listen to her!

Mock: 14
Stop fight: 2
Watch: 1

Is zit true? Your fashion is horrible!?
No, no, no, babe! I wear purple because you said I look very Japanese!
Are you saying I have a bad sense of fashion then!?
NO! I-
I thought you were cool, Japanese Cool, but you lied to me. I don’t want to see you ever again. *Leave*
Wait, baby, don’t go!
Don’t follow me! *Disappear into the crowd*

Ohhh, that’s a good crime boss line! But more importantly, now that your pay-girlfriend is gone, how about you give me that book?


Huh? Blacksuit?

Stop! Where are y-

Looks like someone else is going to lose his girlfriend. *Leave*

          “Ahhh~~ So many stars…”

AH! Where did they go!?