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Part 157: The Special Girl - The Answers

Soul: 20
End: 2

Music: Way To Fall

Ah… That’s right…

However, this time, I didn’t fall into depression and signed up for the most respectful position in High school, the president of student council.

I can’t bring myself to face Ms. Takako. I can’t bear to hear what she will say to me, so I avoided her.

Eww, it’s that pervert again.
I know right? So gross!
Didn’t he say his script was selected in some radio show?
Ughh, it’s probably some creepy pervert story.
Gyaa! He’s looking at us! Let’s get out of here!

That day, I decided to walk home instead of riding the bus. I just… Can’t look at another human being anymore.

Eventually, I discovered the comfort in 2D girls. They always cares for me, always love me, and always believe in me.

At there, I was taught…

The soul has offered four methods of absolute victory.

Basic: 4
Power: 2
Popular: 5
Not Alone: ∞

Note: I recommend you read those three linked choices first.

The day of joining the army…

Army evaluation…

It’s actually Kanta.
Ah, my apology. It’s always hard to pronounce someone’s name for the first time.
Oh, I agree… Although you do look familiar… Had I met you somewhere before?
Hmm… No, you must be mistaken.
Oh, alright.
Let’s get to your scoring… Wow, you broke the record.

At the end of the evaluation…

Are you alright?
I’m fine. It’s just a splint.
Here, I will carry you on my back.
Aren’t you tired? You could just go back and call someone to get me.
We are in this together.
Get on!

You should depend on others more often, kid.
… It’s hard. All these relationship things with other people.
Did you tried?
I did… But I keep failing for some reason.
Then you probably are doing it wrong.
What do you mean?
As Confucius once said…

But what do I have to change?
As Confucius said, action steps. Small step and alternate action are all within possibility. For one, you could mentally limit the actions you can do.
How would I do that?
It’s quite easy. First imagine a close companion of your to offer you advice.

Then have he or she offers you two to four choices of action that you can perform.

Finally, you pick an action that make sense to you, and reality will shape your ideal into action.
You meant my action would shape reality, right?
Oh-Uh… Yes…
So… I have to be nice to people like how I usually did…
Try not to ignore their plight and you will start raking in friends.

But where do I even start making friends?
You could start at places where people gathers and is close to you. For example, your workplace or a nightclub.
But when I am around people, there’s like a lot of voices in my head telling me to do creepy or goony things.

That’s the curse you have to overcome.
This is going to be difficult...
You can do it, Kanta. Just remember there’s always a friend that will reset reality to give you a second or third chance to do things right.
Huh… What do you mea-
Time to wake up.


Huh!? How can you still stand up!
Oh ho ho, you woke up faster than I expected. Are you going to resume your impossible struggle with your injury?
Ahahahaha! You better find a solution soon or you won’t last long, kiddddd!

Just give up already! You can’t win!

Just give up already! You can’t win!

Just give up already! You can’t win!

Just give up already! You can’t win!
I know I can’t win.
Ohh? What’s your pla-?

Huh? What ?
I am untying you now!
Are we escaping!?
HA! Running away? Guard the door! Don’t let them escape!
You have nowhere to escape beside the jumping through the window of this three storey building!
Who said anything about escaping.
Tanaka is going to help me beat this fatty.
Ha! I see...
B-boss! He can do that!?
Why yes. The term is to defeat you, so nothing wrong with getting help.
B-but that’s not fair!
Are you saying you can’t handle two little midget?
N-no, I just-
You could get help too, if you need to.
O-oh yeah! Hey, Kuro-

When did he dress like that anyway?

After a long struggle...

I give…
*Kick* Too bad you are up against someone who watched every single episode of DragonBall Z. GT suck.
Hahaha! This is better than sumo!
*Huff* So, we can leave now?
Yeah! We beat him fair and square!
Hahaha, fair?
W-within the agreed term.
Yes, we beat the purple fatty, now le-
Oh dear me, it seems my eyes had failed me.
… What do you mean?
I must be getting old. You were fighting the wrong person the whole time.
What trickery are you pulling!?
Young lady, calm down. The purple man I mention was actually…

When did he-
So that one is the one?
Oh yes, of course. I am certain of it this time.
What if it wasn’t again?
Then you can go. It’s only fair.
That sound too good to be true.
Ah yes, the girl got that right.

Gahahaha! No one bend my rule and get away with it!
In that case. This is an all out war.
You still intends to resist?
Tanaka! Let me borrow your phone!
Huh…? Okay...

Calling back up? It better not be the cops, or the deal is off!
Don’t worry.

Ha! You think you can survive long enough for your friend to come?
Don’t underestimate my friends.
We will see about th-

Kanta, Tanaka! Agh! There’s so many people in here!
Ahh! Why are you two here!?
So you called the cop. How disappointing! You think a cop is going to stop me!? Akafuku, Aofuku, kiirofuku!

This isn’t good. We are outnumbered!
How many of color-suit are there!?
We can’t handle all of them!
Reinforcement won’t arrive for another ten minutes!

We will take you all on!

RUN! We can’t win this!
None of you are leaving here alive! Color suits! Fire at will!

So… How about we talk this over?
Your fate is sealed when you call the cop!
But I di-
None of you are leaving here alive! Color suits! Fire at will!

Then we will just have take down the king!
Wait, Kanta! Don’t!
I won’t do that if I were you!

Kanta! Watch out!

Where am I?

Where am I?
You are within the Room of Choice that we created.
You… You are the guy I met in the army.
What do you mean Room of Choice and where is everyone?
This will take a bit of explanation.
Have you heard of a theory known as Quantum Mysticism?
Hmm? Never heard of it.

So I can change reality?
No. You need lots of people to influence reality, not a single person. But it’s possible with one person.
By being popular.
I don’t get-Oh!
Popular people gathers followers. Thus they influence reality.

Nepoleon realize this, and he changed the world.
But he ultimately failed.
Yes. Popularity is a double-edge sword. You are a fine example of it.

My… My life.
But I intervened. I introduced you to this choice room so it will be easy for me to redirect you toward a better future.
My future…
Yes. Lots of women for you to choose from, famous inventor of Toilet-bot, and soon to be millionaire.
Why did you help me?
Just a generous gesture to… Waste some time on top of my main job.
Your main job?
To preserve humanity.
… But resetting their choices?
Yes. You have no idea how many times human has pushed the nuke button.
Why am I here then? Aren’t you going to save me and… Tanaka? What happen to her?
I’m sorry. We seem to have reached a dead end.
Wh-what do you mean!?
No matter what I do, you both will perish in this fight.
Th-that can’t be!
I do not control your mind, so all the ‘choices’ you created in this ‘Tanaka Dating Scenario’ is completely from your own design.
Bu-but if we revert back a further time-
You both will survive. However, Tanaka is… Special. No matter how well you do in the other instance, she didn’t fall for you.
You mean... Doing all these crazy things in this ‘instance’ is the only way to get her affection?
I don’t know, nor can I reach a good end with our current condition.
Come on! You stopped multiple nukes in human history before!
That was workable because I have multiple people to work on. Again, a single person can’t change reality alone. You need more people to overwrite a dead end.
How many! We will get them all here!
Not enough. We need hundreds for this to counter the opposing side that expected you to perish.
They are shaping our reality of death.

It's alright, we will just give up this ‘route’ and that’s it.
Give up pursuing Tanaka?

Do not pursue Lu Bu Tanaka.

Maugrim" post="428508117 posted:

I just thought of something, but since my knowledge of Japanese is pretty much nonexistent I could be far wrong. Is "Tanaka" by any chance written using the characters of "Kanta" in reverse?

If you look at their profile, their name in kanji is completely different.

It’s for the best: -

And don’t you dare resetting me to pick the first choice!
Why would you go far for this average looking girl?
It’s not the outside! But the inside that matters!
You would be better off with that police woman or the girl in the taxi!
I will pick the one I like this time!
There’s no chance you are getting to her! You both will perish soon!
I will figure something else! Send me back!
Please! Reconsider!
I will never abandon someone who just risked her life to save me!
It won’t matter once we rev-
NEVER gonna give her up, NEVER gonna let her down.
You DID NOT just rick roll me!
NEVER gonna run around and desert Taa~naaa~kaa
Fine! If you want to choose your own death. Then go ahead!
NYAAA nyaaa nyaa n-nya nyaa nya~

You will be fine, Tanaka. Everything will be fine!
My chest … Hurt… I think… I am… Dy-
You won’t get away with this!

Fool! Heartburn or not, I shot her with my gun! In self-defense, of course.
I am sorry, Kanta. There’s nothing we ca-
No! That’s a tranquilizer gun!
Huh? But we all saw h-
Dammit! I need more people! Where’s my reinforcement!
Oh? Could it be that you were calling someone else?
Yes! And I called-

Everyone? In your phone’s list? I see you talking to someone before.
It’s a voice message to everyone!
We finally found you!

Kanta! We rushed here as soon as I got your message!
Chief tried to stop us, but we all wanted to come!
Yes. It seem this lady who is giving me a haircut also know you.
Are you alright, Kanta?
There’s also a dozen other girls outside that is too scared to come in.
But they are all here to support you!
Thanks, everyone! Tanaka was shot by a tranquilizer gun, but she is fine!
Kanta, she is not shot by-
That’s a relief. No one was seriously hurt.

Huh? I guess I missed th-
Don’t be silly! That dart is filled with poison!
Oh no! Her face is turning green!

… Kanta… my eyes… Can’t see anymore…
No! You-I, I, just need some time to think a-
Thanks... Kanta… I really… Enjoyed… Going out… With you.

Ha! What a nice moment of separation! Maybe I should have you join her too. *Raise gun*
Don’t ev-
I won’t do that if I were you. My color suits will slaughter everyone here if you make a move.
Last chance, Kanta. Join me or join her.

She’s dead. There’s nothing more you can do for her.
For my final choice in this mess up world…

I will make one final call.
Farewell to your love one? I can respect that. Go ahead.
What are you trying to do?
More people…
I will gather more people.
That’s impossible! You need literally millions to overwrite a confirmed death with so many witnesses! And that’s assuming you can convince everyon-
I will call everyone beyond this world.
People like you. They are watching, right?
Impossible! There’s no way you can contact other beings with that phone of yours!
I don’t know how a phone work. So I will believe, and believe that it’s capable of calling beyond all reality.
How would you even shape something you don’t know!?
As Napoleon once said: “Imagination rules the world.”
Fine! But what kind of magic gadgetry can you even imagine!?

Even if that’s possible, what number would you dial? How many could you call!?
I will use the calculator app in this phone to generate all possible numbers in the universe!
That's impossible for a mere calculator!

Wait! If that become reality, it could unravel the structure of the universe! It could connect into the fabric of paradox space!

Music: Dekiru Begins

What’s going on! Why is there a giant Kanta rampaging the city!?
I have no clue!
This is a nightmare!

What is this!? I don’t even-
Keep running!
Why is it suddenly morning!?
I don’t know! I don’t care! Just ruuuuuun!


How is it?
The probation will calm them down.
What’s your boss’ decision.
… She said she will make an exception to your cause and I am forbidden from helping you ever again.
Sorry for the galactic riot that I caused.
… Nah, human desire freedom. I am just needless interference.
I still want to thank you for all the things you have done for me.
… I want to thank you too.
For showing me the infinite potential of human.
It was fun.
… Yeah. Guess you will be fine after this.
Yes. I think I can handle everything by myself from now on.
I wish you a prosperous future.
Same here. This is good bye then.
Yes. Let’s meet again in the afterlife.
It’s a promise.

I give…
*Kick* Too bad you are up against someone who watched every single episode of Naruto. Flashback suck.
(Hmm? Why did I have a strong feeling of just letting this go?)
*Huff* So, we can leave now?
Umm, yes, yes.
Great! Let’s go before he change his mind!
Although, I am a little curious about one thing.
What is it?
What is this girl to you? For you to risk yourself to such extent?
She is…

My Princess: 2
My Plaything: 4
My Coworker: 0
Let Kanta Decides from now on: 12

… How should I say it… It’s a unique bond that’s hard to put into words.
Oh, I know what you mean. The bond of the otakus!
Ah! That’s a good description of it.
Hmph. If only I have someone dependable like you in my younger days…
It would help if you stop collecting fingers.
Let’s go before he wants ours.

Outside of the warehouse…

Did you mean it when you said we share a bond?

Yeah. Of course.
… Geez, Kanta…

Music: Joyful Union

A few decades later...

So grandma made grandpa dress like a princess and propose to him!
Mufufufu, just as planned.
Hoho. She sure got me.
So... Why does grandma wants to marry grandpa anyway?
Grandpa is… A good person…
A good person~
Umm Hmm.
I am very happy… To be with you is so wonderful…
So do I.

Geez, Kanta…

Special thanks to tiistai
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