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by Nyaa

Part 161: The Special Girl - Epilogue


Zzz… Hgg-
–Uuggh… Huh? Where am I?

Ah! There’s a big crate and a letter next to me! I wonder what's in it. *Open letter*

By the time you have read this letter, we have already shipped your worthless butt to an isolated and uninhabited island. This is to punish your uselessness in failing to defeat a foe half your size. For shame.

Of course, I could have just cut off your fingers as punishment, but I still need you to work for me. So I conceived this worthy punishment as appropriate to the fate of the kidnapped maiden. You shall inhabit in this No Man's Land for the next three years, and I shall send someone to pick you up upon the time of the completion of your ‘vacation’… Provided that I remember to do that.

However, in my infinite generosity, I decided to provide aid to your plight in the form of this crate next to you. From within, you shall find:

- One year worth of food supplies.
- Two years worth of seeds and farming equipment.
- One solar powered dvd player for your entertainment.
- One DVD of the classical movie Cast Away
- One coconut.

I hope you will succeed in your task and I could care less of whether you come back or not! Gahahahaha!

Sincerely, your boss


Whether he survives the next three years or not, that’s another story for another Choice Your Own Adventure being LPed in another timeline.