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Part 17: Other Menu Features

Other Menu Features

We had gone through all the events from the “Romantic Theater”, so it’s time to explore the other stuffs on the menu.

A parody of the Brain Training game, this is Admirable Brain Training for Men!

The training contains six kinds of tests for each kind of situations. “Oh Ho Ho” is mostly about marriage and adultery. All of them are serious advices so I will just sample a few entries from “Daily Life”.

Most of them are curiously interesting…

Visual Kei: Brand of Japanese rock music where band members (mostly men) wear elaborate make up and stage costumes, much of the time crossdressing. – Urban Dictionary

Answer: B

That’s a long lecture. I think we learned enough to move on to the next one.

“Admirable Knowledge DS”!

First two would be interesting topics for a gentleman, but the slang interests me.

Ehhh… This is Japanese slang… Right?

Curiosity satisfied.

Admirable Men’s admirable proverb!

All of these are famous proverb and sayings from popular people like Napoleon and Confucius. You can easily google for their saying online, so I won’t bother with this.

But this is what it looks like for each quote with the next page explaining the meaning of the saying in great detail and how to it applies as dating advice while classical music is playing in the background.

“Self Check”.

Left is “Pre-party check” and right is “How well do you understand your girlfriend check”

They are just a quick few yes/no questions to see how much you scores. So I will skip this.

Next Time: Mini-Games for couples!