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Part 22: Night Girl 2 - Failure

Failure Route

When deciding how to behave in the first meeting of a group blind date...

Blind date!? My hormone is rising! :heysexy:


To be with all these cuties together in a group blind date… It feels as if…

Welp, better take the initiative and hit on the girl before she walks away!

Excuse me!
What’s your name?
Eh ?
What’s your name?
Oh, my name is Hitomi…
Ohhhhh! What blood type? Hobby! Day off!

Fine, I don’t care anymore.

I am starving.
Me too!
You have been here before?
Not me…
Will this goes well?
I done my research on the web, it should be fine in logic.

That Fucking Sned" post="415715962 posted:

Is this the first time we've seen Kanta's espression?

Other time is in Arata's route

When no one is sure how to arrange the seats…

I have no idea.

Let us sit down for us! How about we sit alternately between male and female? Ah?

Then, umm, sit wherever you like!
(Should I sit next to Ms. Hiromi? Should I? Hmm…)

Me! Me! I want to sit there!

Good evening~!!

Good evening…

When deciding what to drink…

I am a bad drinker…

… So the choice is clear.

Then… I will have a cola.
Yes, cola!
One cola please!

When introducing yourself with your hobby…

Work those muscles!

Lots of team based sport!

My hobby is…


I lied, it’s actually hip exercise.

                    “Intense exercise, mostly erotic activities!”

I-I actually mean going to gym. Yeah.

My hobby is…

                    “Intense exercise. I often go to the gym!”


I watch movies too!

The kind that shows a lot of skin.

My hobby is movie…

Music is my thing too.

My hobby is listening to music…

I like J-Pop! Quite ordinary though!

Common stuff won’t do, let’s be more sophisticate!

My hobby is listening to music…


That’s not enough; we must rock her socks off!

My hobby is listening to music…

                             “I really like western music!”


I have a secret hobby that I can't tell anyone about…

I watch anime designs for older audience.

My hobby is watching anime…

Not the kind for children though~
Ah? TV… ? Ahh, it’s not the kind that would be on TV!
(An-anime otaku…)

I like to hangout with my maido waifu too, ufufu~

My hobby is…

Going to the café…! Oh ho…!
No, it’s not the normal café!!
Hm! It’s a maid café!
(He like to be a master…)

Lastly, my deepest, darkest, most embarrassing secret of all that I really can’t say…!


(Wh-what’s with this person…)

When introducing yourself with your education…

Nice meeting you all… I am Kanta. As for my education, it’s…

Both choices leads to the same list of sub-choices, but this affect the point increase and decrease for the next choice depends on how accurate the education level of the university is. B is generally better choice, so let’s go with A and brag!

Starting from A…

This is the ‘be polite and keep smiling face’, -4 points! (Interestingly, -6 points if you say it’s usual education.)

-3 points, -1 if you say usual education.

-3 points, -1 if you say usual education.

Here’s your extra juicy beef bowl with Gari (pickled ginger)!

Note: Gyudon literally mean beef bowl, so this probably is a cooking school.

Disturbed but interested face, +1 points. (+2 points if you say usual education)

Sometime the girl's awkward reaction isn’t all bad.

When introducing yourself with your salary…

Nice to meet you all, I am Kanta… As for my yearly income…

This works the same as the education choice.

Roughly: A) $10,000, B) $30,000, C) $70,000, D) $100,000

I will just go through them all in one listing.

Yearly income… About one million yen!
I need to ask my parent to send money!

Yearly income… About three million yen!
About the average level in Japan!

Yearly income…

                                “About seven million yen!”
Better than most of my age.

Yearly income…

                                “About ten million yen!”

Don’t let this smile fool you, in fact, Hitomi hates you the more money you brag and rub in their faces. First choice gain a +1 or +0 if working class while this choice penalize you with a -10!

After the self introduction is over…

Mr. Kanta is it?
Nice to meet you.
Same here!

I must show off to the girl!



Ah, sure.


This won’t happen if you picked the good drinker choice.

Few weeks later…

That’s great.
Mr. Hayashi who recovered from his sickness is also invited, so it will be us three!

A gigolo is a male escort or social companion who is supported by a woman in a continuing relationship, often living in her residence or having to be present at her beck and call.

.. Uhh…

Homely woman is the best~

Then Kanta get the same bad end again, so let’s move on to the last one.

Yest www, yesterday www
Yesterday www what you do!?
Ah!? Yesterday… Umm… Yesterday…

Ah! Uhh… huh…?
AH! Ha... Yo… Hmmmmm…
What are you saying?

Ms. Hitomi, you know the third language of the universe?
Or the second language of the universe?

Not invited again bad end...

When Hitomi want to eat the fry chicken that the guys are hording…

Not my problem.

Can I have some of those chicken?


I’ll take a fry chicken… And EAT IT!

Please pass those fry chicken over.
Ah… my bad, I didn’t notice!

The soy sauce, vinegar and green onion intertwine exquisitely with the oil fried chicken served with the side of Gurukun fish of Okinawa!
So good, this is too gooooood!

I want some too.

(Ah? Ms. Hitomi’s cup is empty.)

Keep yourself hydrated, woman!

Ms. Hitomi, why aren’t you drinking!?
I do…

It’s time to party!

Let me tell you about my epic life!

Once upon a time, I drove a stolen motorcycle and sneak into the school at night. Then I shattered all the windows that night…
Those are great times…
(What a bragger…)

Okay, how about a joke?

I have confident in telling a joke!

I went with my ex to an amusement park a long time ago…

We’re later evicted.
The girl cried and we are banned from the park!
(Hehe, what an interesting person.)

Actually I have no confident in telling a joke.

Although this story is a little old…Ahh, you know the story about the evil cross!?
That evil cross...
Ah? That one?
Yes, that one!
Who would know about this kind of story, so boring…

Time to perform!

I am the prime minister!

Now… I shall take the lead… To Toast! CHEEERS! A toast for me to imitate a certain prime minster!


What could tightpant means…?

Then I shall enact an one-shot gag!

                                   “Hey, are you alright? Hey!”

                “Disgusting! So disgusting! And still disgusting!”

Oh I see, it’s a three-stage gag!
Geez, don’t analyze it!

Impress the ladies with drinking skill!

… Oh no! I messed up!
… Mr. Kanta, are you alright?
Y-yes… Everyone, please give me your spare napkins.

... I’m sorry.

When you ask a girl’s hobby and she’s not telling…

Such… Such a pitiful life!!

Do you have a boyfriend?

Ms. Hitomi, do you have a boyfriend?
Eh! Why…?
Nothing, just a little curious…
Umm! I don’t.
(I see…)

Now that we know she’s single and doesn’t have a boyfriend, it’s only logical to ask about her sex life.

Ms. Hitomi.
A question about your past…
When did you have your best naughty time?

When ask about what type of girl you like…

Happiness is the best answer.

To be happy like this together.

That’s right!

Overused answer: Children.

People that likes children.
Men always say that~
B-but, really, it’s true!
Then what do you see in a girl?

Her internal quality is more important!
Oooh~ But you won’t know that until you hang out with the person.

Hmm, yeah, first is exterior!
Yeah. The exterior always come first!
What’s on the inside is not something that you can know immediately.
I think so too!

Best to not answer tough question like this.

Th-that kind of thing can’t just say it out that easily!
It’s alright, nothing to worry about!
Well… Well…
Aww~ Come on, tell me~
Really sorry…

Now that you know the girl better, what are you going to do?

Talk to her about my kindness!

Ahh, Ms. Hitomi, I am a really great person!
I participate in fund-raising! I don’t even criticize people online!
Ohh, that’s nice…

That didn’t work, I am getting desperate.

EH! N-

Fine, I don’t care for her anymore. She would have appreciates me for being a good listener as a bystander though.


Alright! I shall drink it all in one go!



Ahhwahhh! Mr. Kanta!


Kanta is fine, just gotten the same not invited ending.

Back to dancing and pretend all the bad things never happened.

            "Romance! Romance! PPH combo!"

When the miracle of nose hair appears and seaweed sticking to someone’s teeth at the same time…


Ms. Suzuki, come over here.

Eh, really…?
In fact, you should check your nose too.
Excuse me!

Maybe if I treat it like a joke, it won’t be as bad?

Seaweed really likes Ms. Suzuki’s teeth.
Eh? (Is there seaweed sticking on it…?)
As for the nose…
Its protective brush prevents the pollution of modern society from entering the body!
Excuse me!

No, let’s take the initiative and solve the problem now!

Ms. Suzuki, please clench your teeth together.
… Wh-what?
Just do what I said.

Y-You, what are you doing !!

Kanta is like “You welcome.”

… The worst!

When the girl is worry about the time…

Nice watch!
… Is it?
Where did you get it!?

She ignores me, so I ignore her too.

It’s about time. Let’s conclude this party.
Yeah, it’s about time!

While waiting for the transportation to arrive…

She will still give us her number regardless of the second option and current points, but definitely with less enthusiasm.

Let’s mail her right away!

I probably shouldn’t rush it…

I will use telepathy to communicate my phone number to her…


Rejected at confession, and blocked on telepathy, it’s time to give up.

… I’m that kind of person anyway…

This is where you get the same “Time to go home…” ending above, but if you fulfill the condition of getting -9 or more negative points and point out subtly about someone’s appearance problem …

Mr. Kanta!
Ah, Ms. Suzuki.
I will tell you my phone number~
Ah, here’s my phone number~

Few days later…

“It’s from Ms. Suzuki!”

Last weekend was very fun!
Would you come if there’s another party like this?
O-Of course I will!

You two gotten pretty close…

A good ending in the failure route? I am fine with that.