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Part 23: Night Girl 3 - Success

Night Three: Cocktail Party

Even her name is screaming MOE~~

Sounds like the usual, but the questions will be harder.

A day at the workplace…

(Oh! It’s Ms. Moe! What a cute junior! So cute!) You worked hard too. Is there something you need, Ms. Moe?
Sorry to bother you at work.
Is alright! I won’t mind!
(Oh no, heart is beating faster!)
What’s the problem?

Did I receive something like that?
Ah, we sent it to everyone from a week ago…
Only Mr. Kanta still hasn’t reply to it. You could ask the boss about it since that’s what he told me…
Hold, hold on! (Email… Email…)
(Is that one!)


[Very Important!] Notice!

Cocktail Party information! [Hey Mufufu]
Finally at next week, an employee only party to enjoy and have fun together. This is a [self pay] party. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity! Lots of variety of foods and all you can drink liquors!

Please reply ASAP! Someone will be expecting for your reply, specifically Ms. Akemi and Ms. Satomi. We wholly wish you would participate in this party! Again! Please reply ASAP!

OHHH! That one!
(The beginning part is a bit perplexing… And the middle is so unclear! It’s impossible!)
Excuse me… Mr. Kanta…
Ah, yes?
You coming…?
Let me think…
Are you coming, Ms. Moe?
Absolutely! I want to go!
I obviously want to go too!
Ah, alright. Then I will inform the boss about it. Thanks for the hard work.
Give him my regard.

The day of the party

Oh, hi.

Let us keep on working with this momentum!

(… Hope he won’t do anything weird tonight…)
Now! Let us raise our glass!

I will leave the speech before the toast to you.
Ehhhhh! Wh-why me!? Speech before the toast!? Waahh, what should I do!?

Joke: 10
Serious: 2
Normal: 2

Alright! The Radical of Highbrow, the Ennui of High Sense shall give you all a laugh!
Although, I don’t know what to say.
So, what type of joke should I seal the deal!

Anyone that chooses Wagei please pick the sub-choice.

A. Rakugo
B. American jokes

Anyone that chooses Imitation Show please pick the sub-choice.

A. A certain former prime minister
B. King of Zipangu, Nobunaga Oda
C. A famous actor

One-shot: 7
Rakugo: 8
American: 3
King: 2
Prime Minister: 3
Actor: 1
Beer: 1

Heh, listening to all this boring talk every year…
Heh, since the beginning of time, things like speech before a toast is all decided by the boss, but also depends on the setting. Ah~ such is a common thing~
So, before the speech before the toast…

Heh~ It’s almost the end of the year… End of the year… The only man to be able to succeed in this fish shop…
Have no skill in liquor.

Dreams… Dreams… Shattered. It’s still not enough…

I have no idea what this incredibly hard to translate Rakugo is about beside something about the subtype Shibahama (芝浜. No relationship points gain on this, but we can still win this, so I will leave it as it is.

At the height of the party…

(I want to know more about Ms. Moe… If I don’t talk to her now…)
(I must muster my courage to talk to her…)

An important lesson for all the shy men out there.

(It’s decided! I will actively talk to her!)
(Then what kind of topic should I go for?)

She is not Chief Kyoko, so B.

I watched a fun TV show yesterday~
Eh? What did you watch?

Documentary: 5
Comedy: 7
Sport: 2

Did you watch the show with lots of young entertainer on TV yesterday?
Ah, could it be…Tokyo Intestinal Obstruction
Yes, yes! That one!
I watched that!
Eh!? Really?

Things are going well and it’s best that Kanta not become passionate.

Ehh~ You like comedy show too?
You have any favorite actor?
I do!
Oh! Who?
That one guy that like dangerous drugs!

Dangerous drugs—Ah! Yeah, that’s interesting.
Isn’t it~

… Ah, sure.
Just recently, my idiot son got into the private school.
… Eh, really!
Ah, is nothing, children grow up following their parent…

Wink: 19
Ask: 9
Silent: 3

My apology. I rushed and didn’t realize it wasn’t a wink.

(Eh? You want me to pour him a beer?)

Let’s fix my mistake by going for the proper etiquette that a man should display in silent.

OH! You are pretty sharp, Kanta.
No, no, it’s nothing.
(Ohh, Kanta is so keen~)

Feels like the boss is about to goes on his drunken stupor…

Giant Mountain Sour Mix?
(… Giant Mountain… Sour Mix?)
What Giant Mountain Sour Mix?
(… Giant Boobs.)

(He’s going to make a boob joke!)
(… That Sour mix…)
(Is mine! …What should I do?)
(Ah, so that’s Ms. Moe’s Giant Mountain Sour mix, ah, no, Giant Boob Sour mix, wait, no, Huge Boob Sour mix!)

Eye Signal: “Pour the beer”

My Drink: 8

What, it was Kanta. How disappointing.

Here you go, Ms. Moe.
Thanks a lot, Kanta!
Oh, did you read the manga for Dragon Ball?
Oh, Dragon Ball!

Really! I have every single volume!
What a masterpiece!
The story is about collecting 101 dragon balls to get a wish!
The protagonist have a touching story and the side characters are very appealing.

Even the bad guys aren’t portrait to be very bad. You don’t really feel hatred for them at all.
(… Feeling… Tire…)

(Ah, he falls asleep!?)
Mr. Kanta!
… Ah, ah ah?
You fall asleep?
Eh, d-did, I, slept?
You did.
(N-not good! What should I do?)

Everything beside C sounds like stupid excuse.

Maybe I feel so relax from talking to you so I accidently…
Ahh, I see.
(… So I have a comforting presence on other people)

(Hey, hey, now is not time to talk about something like that!)
Ms. Ayame from that nightclub is super hot!

(That’s one very attractive babe… Definitely amazing… )
She is the best! I would die just to have a date with her! What do you think, Kanta?
Eh, uhmmm…

Not my type: 5
Sexy: 1
Not Important: 8

Both A and C are good choice. A got a sub-choice though.

Oh, being cute is not enough for you?
Exactly, Woman is not just about looks.
Then what do you think is important?
Heart, what’s in the inside is what important!

                                                “Well said, kid!”

(… Mr. Kanta is so nice.)
Pardon me, but it’s been two hours, so we will like to ask for your checkout soon!
Eh, it’s already this late?

It’s about time to close, so let’s all swing to the Prince Hotel!
Hahahaha! Now, how about we let Kanta have the final speech?
HUH! Why me again!!

Go for it: 25
Boss: 1
Pour beer: 8

Don’t think, just do it!


1, 2, 3!

We didn’t lose any point for this. :yosbutt:

The party ended peacefully…

Oh, I need to go now. Be watchful when you go to the next bar.
Sure… Hey, Kanta, you going to the next bar?
… Hmm, next bar.
Huh, you not going!?
Will Ms. Moe go…?

Both A and C is good if you have enough points, which we do.

Ms. Moe, How about we go for a private party?
Eh! Just us two going to the next bar?
Oh, yes.
How about we go for dinner next time!

Next day at workplace…

Thanks for yesterday.
Thank you too.
Oh, about the dinner offer last night…
Ah, yes!
You have time for… This weekend?
Umm, Hmm!

Few days later…

Oh, Ms. Moe sent a message… Tonight at the restaurant, I have booked for two!

Ah, so this explains the GO FOR IT choice and it’s quite interesting for them to turn it into a trick question where you would expect the same answer from the first speech at the beginning just to provide an educational experience about overly expressing yourself.