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Part 24: Night Girl 3 - Failure

Failure Route

When you are asked to make an opening speech for a party...

Finally! My epic talent shall awe the world!

Let’s start with a gag!

                “Disgusting! So disgusting! And still disgusting!”

Oh I see, it’s a three-stage gag!
Aww, don’t analyze it!

The boss ruined it! Now I have to do an American joke!

John Scott walks into a stylish bar, he was married not too long ago, but he doesn’t seem to be wearing a wedding ring…
He’s friend, John, then wonders and asks:
“Scott, why didn’t you wear your wedding ring?”
Then Scoot reply:
“Oh, my wife is the one wearing it this week.” Hyahyahya!

This is bad; I will reverse the situation with my acting skill as a certain actor!

Then… I will imitate a certain athletic loving action, please give a toast to…
Oh, could it be…

Yeah! That went well! Now I will drink the whole glass in one…

(It’s over! I ruined it!)
… Are you alright, Mr. Kanta?
… Umm, I am fine.
Everyone, please give me your extra napkins.
… Thanks.

When it’s time to have a good chat with the girl…

I will show her the business oriented person in me!

That OX commercial affairs company just opened recently, right?
That umm… I don’t…
That is a company that’s really good at listening to their employee’s opinions.

So I believe our company should also embrace and drastically change the current structure in order to have a more platonic relationship with our trading partners. Such relationship would be a WINWIN for both of us.
What do you think of that, Ms. Moe?
I believe we should also start using semi-conducting material on our current products.

(Little cosmo?)

She is getting bored, maybe she like sport?

Hm, yeah. I like golf.

Sorry, I don’t know him.

When the boss is about to make a boob joke…

Oh yes, the ladies like compliment, right?

Wasn’t that for Ms. Moe?
… Uhh.

You might grow some huge boobs if you drink this! Ahahaha!
(… Lowlife.)

When fallen asleep on a conversation…

Company’s party is just too boring.
Ah, is that so.

When the boss asks what type of girl you like in front of a bunch of girls…

She’s cute, but not my type.
Oh, really?
Then what kind of girl do you like?

The result of choice B depends on how many points Kanta has so far, success would give a nice boost and the boss telling Kanta go guts. Failure would lead to rejection, so sexy girl is probably a safer choice for Kanta at this point...

She have to be more sexy!
More sexy!?
Aww, yeea. I want more sexy!
Your pants is rising.

This isn’t good, the not-sexy girls are watching, I should side with them!

She definitely very sexy, but those kind of girl are the worst.
Eh, that can't be true, right?
Hm, most sexy woman are idiots, and I hate their unpleasant stupidity.
(What a horrible thing to say!)

When you are invited to make an ending speech…


(Di-did I mess up again?)
I was wrong to pick you again.
… Sorry, my bad.

When deciding whether to invite the girl to the after party or not…

Tonight is a bad night. It's best to give up and go home.

Sorry, I got to go home!
Oh! Then, see ya!
See you all next time! *leave*

Next day at workplace…

Thanks for yesterday.
Thank you too.

Normal end. You only get into bad end if you choose those ignore-her instant-dead choices, which is just her walk pass you the next day.