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Part 25: Night Girl 4 - Success

Things are getting harder, but mostly because this route is 80% Kanta. Also our first glasses girl.

Night Four: Kanta Route Client

Can’t get any worst with a route that consists of 80% kanta. Oh right, Chief Kyoko is in this one. Welp.

One of the most useful hints of all time.

A certain day in workplace…

My chance has arrived! The great opportunity for an important project that could get me into the core team!
And even the chance to become the manager of said core team!
I must not mess up such opportunity …


There will be a meeting with Takatomi Corporation later, correct?
Yes, today would be our first meeting.
Alright, please do your best.
Please don’t cause any trouble.
Then go, be safe on your way there.

Something happened… What could it be…


Sorry, Chief Kyouko! I overslept!


Too much effort!


So scary…


… Ha—





“I challenge thee.”


Nothing in particular comes to mind, you must have overthink this…
If there really is something… Then it probably on the Day side.
Hm? Did you say something?
Nothing! I didn’t say anything!


Not good…
My stomach… Must go to toilet!
What’s happening to your stomach!?
So… You go there first…

EHHHH! What should I do!?

In front of the Takatomi Corporation…

“This is it.”

That good for nothing Nishimura!
Are you Kanta from Injane Planning?
That’s me!
Please follow me.

What should I do…That idiot!
It couldn’t be!

I am Kanta from Injane Planning!

Nice meeting you, I am Mei!
Nice meeting you!

Business: 8
Gaming: 3

Just want to say that I did not record the wrong scene for what you are about to witness next.

Nice meeting you.

Ah, I am Mei.

Oh, is nothing. Really.
I heard there would be two people coming today… Where’s Mr. Nishimura?

(Not good!)
(Nishimura’s the one that handle all the important detail…)

Amuse: 2
Serious: 10

My apology, Nishimura suddenly not feeling well on our way here. He might be able to make it if he feels better…
Ah, I understand. Very well.
… Will he be alright?
It shouldn’t be a big deal.
Oh that idiot!
Hm, then let’s begin the meeting.

Begin: 10
Wait: 1

Alright, let us begin!

S-sorry. It could be a message from Nishimura.

(No way!)
Everything’s fine?
Nah, it’s nothing. Let’s continue!
Alright, let’s proceed. Here’s the main proposal for the project and we need your company to plan for the proposal in this part of the project.
Umm hmm.
I’m sure your company can produce an excellence proposal.
Umm hmm.
I see, very well.
Mei here will be in charge of this proposal.
Let’s do our best.
The requirement of the proposal has been understood. Would it be fine for us to produce our proposal at a later date?
Yes, and thanks!
Thanks for the help.
(Feel like I forgotten something…)

Due: 11
Detail: 3
Boyfriend: 3
Nothing: 1

Excuse me.
Is there a deadline for this?
Oh! Yes!
Sorry for forgetting to mention the due date.
That’s alright.
How about one week later?
Understood, one week it is.
Thank you.
I got it!
We look forward to your result.

After returning…


The client has contact us about the proposal, they say to keep up the good work.
They did!?
You didn’t do anything weird again, did you?
N-nothing of that nature.
Is that so…

Your… Body, how is it?
That eh… How should I say it…

Ohh… Geez…
What’s the meaning of this?
Ahh, it’s terrible!
Please go manage the record of proceeding, Kanta.
Right away!

During work…

About the proposal…
What of it?
How do you plan to do this?
What do you mean?
How should I do this proposal?
Right, how should YOU do this proposal?

But that is something that can’t be helped! Right!?

Challenge: 6
Can’t be helped: 2
Mei: 10
Don’t want: 1

I will do it!
This is a great chance!
If I do this well…
NOOOO~~ You can’t think it this way…

I believe you… I really believe in you!


Fine… I will work hard!
If it were you, Kanta, you can do it.
Oh! Oh! Oh! I will leave this to you then. *Leave*
What’s going on…
Nonetheless… I have to do my best!

I recall it is one week from now…
The deadline is good, next is…

Don’t give up so soon, Kanta.

First… The attendee…

Only three people attended and it should be recorded as such.

First is the attendee..

“Me and Ms. Mei… And Mr. Nonaka, three people.”

Next is the content…

Toilet/Plumber bot certainly is an original design…

The content is to make a proposal for a new product…

The person in charge is…

“Ms. Mei will be the main contact from now on…”

Deadline is one week…
Yeah! Record of proceeding is complete!

The content appears to be fine, and thank you for the work.
We look forward to working with you in the future!
This task really is a rare chance for me…
I must think of a good plan!
That said… How can I create an excellent proposal…
What should I do…? As for today I should…

I should begin now! Release planning ability! MAX! Do what I can do!

“Ugh, I need to take a rest… I should go home soon.”

Next day…

“Time is slipping away… And I still can’t think of a good plan...”
“What should I do… For today…”

God of Planning: 7
Do something: 8

First, I will do what I can!

“Wahhh… That’s it for today…”

The next day…

… Everything that can be done is done yesterday… While the important part is still blank… What should I do… This isn’t good…

Oh yeah…

Mei here will be in charge of this proposal.
I should try discussing with Ms. Mei about the proposal…
I will send a mail…

“Hello, the proposal is currently progressing within my capacity, so if it possible… Can I inquire you in regard to some questions about the proposal? Thanks in advance!”

… Oh, she replied.
Cheers for the hard work. I understood the situation, so let’s discuss the proposal again! If you want to be quick… How about tomorrow? What time and location would you prefer? Please inform me about this. Thanks in advance.
Hmm… Tommorow… Time and location…

Let them decide: 2
Café: 10

And the time will be…

Too bad, this is day event of the night version. This whole event is not at night at all. Then again, this is Kanta route!

Alright, I will reply her as so.
Thanks for replying, but if possible, please come to our company tomorrow.
Ah… That’s fine, I understand…

The next day…

Today is another meeting with Ms. Mei at the Takatomi Corp.

Why yes, choice A is another cosplay list. :magical:

Strange: 6
Normal: 12
DC: 11

I like to think that the ‘Strange’ choice helped to pull some votes away from ‘DC’. What a close call.

Forget it, I should stick to the norm…
… Right?

In front of Takatomi Corporation…

I am Kanta from Injane planning. Here to have a meeting with Ms. Mei…
Ah! Right… Please wait a moment… This way please…
Thanks for coming.

And thanks for all the hard works.
Is nothing.
What would you like to drink?
Coffee or tea, which would you like?
Hmm… I will have…

Coffee: 2
Tea: 16
What she have: 2

Then, I will have tea.
Ah, alright.
Please wait a moment.
By the way, thanks for the data yesterday. It should be great after we organize the ideas.
Umm hmm!
Any issue with the overall content of the proposal?
Hmm, none at all.
Hmm… Although none of the ideas are practical…
That does seem to be the case. They aren’t practical…
Let’s take a rest.

She is drinking coffee. This serious businesswoman drinking less widely accepted caffeine in Japan, what a fake Japanese woman. She probably doesn’t know how to do the tea ceremony. Tea is the best.

(Is there any conversation topic…?)
Oh, oh!

Busy: 2
Hobby: 9
Number: 2

What’s your hobby, Ms. Mei?
You know~ Things that you like to do?
Ah, well…
No hobby!
Ehh, that…

Own Hobby: 0
ABORT Change Topic: 14
Keep going: 13

Now that I check it again, Change Topic is more like Shy Away from Topic.

Ehh, no hobby?
How surprising~
Is it?
Umm Hmm.
Although you don’t need a hobby to become successful.
Hm! That’s true!
Ah, I do listen to music…

Woman, are you messing with my abort button? :sassargh:

Oh? What kind of music?
J-Pop. It’s quite ordinary.
Ehh, I think it’s special!
It’s about time to get back to work...
Ah, sure!
How is it?
Ah, we are still brainstorming.
Mr. Kanta has it hard.
How’s the progress?
Just a bit more… Probably.
The organizing was almost done though.
Oh, I see. At least it’s progressing.
It’s all thanks to Mr. Kanta’s hard work.
Oh, is that so. Well done!
Keep up the good work!
Yes, we will do our best.
Umm hmm.
We still haven’t got any good idea for the proposal…

It’s getting late… Let’s continue tomorrow?

That’s true…
I don’t have much time tomorrow, how about the day after?
Sure, I will have time to think.
Take care.


Can’t think of anything.
I need… Some rest…

Hm! What!?
Cat becomes an airplane… OH!

This might work!
Airplane could work… Airplane will work!
It can transform!

The next day…

I will make the proposal with my idea from yesterday!

… Good, completed! This proposal is great! I did it well!
To the Takatomi Corporation. GO!

Good morning.
This… Please have a look.
Oh! You’re done?
*Flip pages*

I see! This looks very interesting!
Isn’t it?
This will certainly be more popular in America than Japan!
Yeah... It’s something invented by foreigner after all!
Ah ha ha, yeah!
Ha ha ha ha!
Then... This will be it!
Yeah! With this, the proposal is completed!

Few hours later…

You done?

So it’s finally completed.
It’s all thanks to you, Kanta!

It’s our teamwork that leads to such swift completion!
Eh!? Is it…?
But I didn’t…
Is not what you think.
Thank you.
You welcome!
Then, that’s it for today.
Thanks for all the hard works!
Same to you!

The day of presentation…


(How is it?)
This is great!
This… Will be very popular in America!
That’s because…
It will be a hit with the children in America!
This would be successful as a movie too!

After a peaceful end to the presentation…

Thank you too!
Well then, I should go.
Mr. Kanta.
Next time…
We might be business partner again, so can you tell me your phone number?

Mr. Kanta have another new proposal… In his dream…

Kanta route ends with a mufufu dream. How appropriate. :tootzzz: