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Part 28: Night Girl 5 - Success

Night Five: Class Reunion Party

A certain Sunday evening…

Here’s your mail, Mr. Kanta.

!! No way…
… What!
Could it be!

Or maybe…

… Or it could be… It could be…

… Well, let’s open it and see.

“… Whaaat, a high school reunion…”

The me in high school…

Vote to decide Kanta's high school life!

Sportman: 1
President: 2
Comedian: 13
Scriptwriter: 6

The me in high school…

But… My partner…

Did such a thing…
And so, I lost my partner…

That’s that!
Enough with the nostalgia…
Speaking of high school life, there was a girl who’s my first crush…


… Takako, I wonder how you are now… Did you become more beautiful…?
So curious! So very curious!

Curiosity wins! We go!

The day of the reunion…

Ah! I feel so tense!


(Ms. Takako! Has she come yet…? The chance of her not showing could be high.)
… She might even be married already…

I am very busy. What is it?
… Uh, has Ms. Takako here yet?
Eh? Ms. Takako?
… Ah, yeah.
Why you asking?
… Ah, n-no real reason…
Hmm, let me see…
Ms. Takako, should be, here.
Already here…

(I-it couldn't be, this voice!?)

                                                “Woahh, wooooow!”

Ah… G-good evening… Could, could you be… Takako?
That’s me.
… I
…Have changed a lot, haven't I?

No change: 5
Beautiful: 3
Makeup: 2
Didn’t Recognize: 10

Ah, I didn’t recognize you for a moment there.
Yeah, it’s been 15 years.
Yeah… It’s been 15 years.
Same to you. You changed too.
A big change.
Ah! It’s Plum!

Excuse me, Kanta.

It’s been awhile.
… Hmm.
… Oh! I should find a seat!

(… But… Would she be fine with it…)

Only one way to find out.

We meet again, Ms. Takako.
Ah, hi again, Kanta.
Kanta, do you remember when you got hit by a chalk in class?
Ah, you still remember?
Of course I do.
Oh yeah, our teacher Mr. Takeda!
What’s up with him?
I heard he went to Sendai city!
Ah, I see…

Some kind of teleportation joke that I missed.

Oh, Kanta.
It was so fun!
You know, the tea party in the cultural festival where you do the crosstalk comic! It was really interesting!
It’s a shame that happened…

Hm, I am a kindergarten teacher now!
Ehhh, you like being a kindergarten teacher?
Yes, I do.
That’s good.
But it must be hard.
Yes, but, I really like kids!
Umm hmm.
…What about you, Kanta…?
What are you doing now?

Economic: 3
Casual: 3
Curious: 12

(She’s just curious about my job.)
I am just an average salary worker.
… Is that so.

(I didn’t notice until now… But, it generally means…)
(Is not strange for Ms. Takako to have a boyfriend already… Or maybe even…

Concern: 2
Not Concern: 8
Hot: 3
Moe: 20

Boyfriend… She probably have one already… Woman with a boyfriend…

What’s wrong, kanta?
Hm, it’s nothing!
… Then, can I ask you a strange question?
St-strange question!? W-what is it?
… Kanta, do you… Ever get tired of human relation in the workplace?
This is not a good topic for a reunion party.
… That, obviously, I do.
… Eh?
I also have various relations with people.
As times goes by, I do gets tire of it.
Ah, is that so.
No matter what kind of job, there’s always some human relation issues…

The night version has been gradually getting into the deeper side of human relation. You might notice the theme already or soon enough.

Ask: 12
Switch: 2
Complain: 1

What kind of human relationship troubles you?
Ah, hmm…
It’s our school principal.
Uh huh.
Why does she have to be so strict with me…
Only with you?
I see.
I… Want to do well in this job…
She wouldn't be so strict with someone she didn’t have expectations of.
… Ah, is that the reason?
Yes! You are a person that the principal has great expectations for!
Alright, let’s have a great time tonight!
One Kanta-
Coming right up!
Hm, I will be in your care.

(AH, AHHHHHH, she took off the ring!)
What’s wrong, Kanta?
Huh, ah…
What the heck…

                                            “WHAT THE HECK!?”

What does this meaaaaaaaaan!?

Bad: 1
Forget: 1
Uncomfortable: 7

Maybe her finger is too fat?
AH! You! What did you say!?
(Oh no! I accidently spill it out!)

Complete failure.

It’s been awhile since we got into an instant dead end. Now, let’s try this again.

Bad: 7
Forget: 7

This is the tightest voting ever. It’s literally one post for Bad and one for Forget in descending order. So the only fair thing to do is show you both.

My interpretation: Bad relationship doesn't mean they are breaking up, couple argues all the times. Trying to forget him is almost breaking up in that she doesn't likes him anymore. So trying to forget is the more extreme of the choice.

That being said, let’s go for the extreme one.

Ah, that ring you took off, it mean that you want to forget about him?
Eh? What are you going on about all of a sudden?
It’s my intuition…

If my intuition is correct…
Throw this ring away! Follow your heart!

      “Hurl it into Mount Doom! Even if the world will be devastated!”

… Uh, but…
I still can’t do it.
… I-is that so.

Now back to the lesser choice.

So, do you have a boyfriend, Ms. Takako?
Eh? Why are you asking this all of the sudden?
Just curious.
I wonder whether you have one or not.
I do.
Then, are you having some issues with your boyfriend?
… Yes.
Actually, it isn’t going well recently…
I see…

Now is the good time to talk about this.

We can talk about it if you want.
C-can we?
… Actually, we have a lot of quarrels lately.
… Ah, is that so.

We aren’t aborting after going this far!

Wh-what is the reason of your quarrels?
… Hm?
You can tell me about it if you want.
… Sure.
My boyfriend only focus on working lately and didn’t pay much attention to me…
This is the reason of your quarrels?
… Hm, yeah.

Condemn: 3
Compliment: 1
Fun: 12

Ah, I see…
Then let’s go have some fun!
How about weekend?
… I… I will think about it.
… O-okay.

The correct choice is to compliment the boyfriend. This is truly the hardest route.

As with the usual tradition… It’s time for Karaoke! Who will be the first volunteer to take the lead!?
Hey, wasn’t Takako a good singer?
Huh, me?!
Sing us one!
… Nah, this is too embarrassing.

The Saurus" post="417773298 posted:

That last choice was really misleading. I thought it was going to be "Let's have fun TONIGHT so you can forget about it for now", not inviting her out on a date out of nowhere.

Good point. I will redo that choice then. Hopefully we can still make it.

Takako Sing: 1
Kanta Sing: 9
Silent: 1

Now pick your music!

Choral: 4
Punk: 12
Sorrowful: 3
Anime: 12

Draw again. So I will cover both and we shall start with PUNK!

“Because you have a beauty that can't be reflected in pictures!”


Note : The lyric changed a bit to avoid problems, but it seems to match The Blue Heart – Linda Linda

YEAHHHH, follow it up with an anime song!

Note: This is harder to find, but it seem to be from Mobile Suit Gundam - Soldiers of Sorrow

“Fu ho, fu ho. This reunion party is now officially over…”

The reunion party ended peacefully…


Good stopping point to redo one crucial choice.

She wants to know how well I do! :agesilaus:

My job is…

The only brag worthy one is A and it’s true. We partnered with Takara Tomy after all!

Ehhh! A promotion man!
Yes. Well, once.
Ehh! That’s amazing!


We are now back on track toward good route!

Hmm… When it would be…
It feels like there won’t be anymore…
(EH! If that’s the case, then I won’t be able to see Ms. Takako again!)
(Moreover, should I go for her phone number now?)

… Ah, if we aren’t sure about it…
Ph-phone number-
May I have yours…?
… However, rather than phone number…
Mail messaging would be more convenient.
(What does she meant by that?)

Sigh. Two more redo, with one that I promised to change for free because of the misleading choice.

This… Choice… I tried all sort of combination to keep the goon choice, but the power of Moe is just too damaging. So now Kanta will have to accept being okay with her having a boyfriend.

(Boyfriend… She probably already has one… Hmm…)
(But that’s nothing to do with me!)

Now we go praise her boyfriend because… Hmm… Because… Well…

Ah, but a hardworking man is great!
Ah, is it?
It is from the point of view from a fellow man.
I see!

E-mail: 9

We now got enough points to pass a point check here and barely treading toward the good route now.

I-I understand.
Then we will use messaging…
Hm, good.

Oh the way to the tram station...

“Today’s reunion party was very fun! If you have time, how about we go have dinner?”
(Okay, send!)
(… Maybe.)
Ting ring ring ring …

(She is free on weekday)

This is the hardest route ever.

Boyfriend: 1
After work: 5

We actually have enough points to pass any of these choices.

It can’t be helped, weekday it is. Then let’s go find a good restaurant!
Ting ring ring ring…

Few weeks later…

Ms. Takako… In the end we only become good friends!
Ting ring ring ring!
Oh! It’s from Ms. Takako.
Good morning, I will be visiting your house this weekend!
Oh, yay!

Ehh, it’s much nicer than expected.

EphemeralToast" post="417834449 posted:

You know, maybe this being the hardest route is actually a subtle lesson that you should never hit on a girl with a boyfriend because that is something that only gross creepers do. So everything Kanta does begins by sounding innocent enough but suddenly turns into LOL DATE ME NOW or something equally gross and creepy.

Yes, this is the theme that this route is trying to tackle! Your choice should focus on being positive and not to diss her relationship with her boyfriend while raising yours with her. The grading does hint the possibility of snatching a girl with a boyfriend, but for our Kanta, it's just a bittersweet ending of him reunited with his first crush as a good friend, and that is okay as long as she is happy.