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Part 31: Night Girl 6 - True Good End

True Good Route

Time to take control of my life and I am no sucker this time!

When she wants to eat sushi…

No. Fuck your eastern shit, I want western.

(Quite an impressive high class sushi restaurant, the price must be pretty high…)

Yes! There is! I’m so hungry!

Bonsoir! Two people, yes?
Our establishment use basic ingredients to create our meal; Is there anything in particular that you dislike?
Eh! Nothing in particular that I dislike.
Me too!
Understood, please have a seat.

So tasty!
Yes, this is great!
This is so good!
Yes, very good!
Molto Buono!! (Very good!!) Sono Bieno! (I am full!)
Ah! I ate a lot.
About time we leave.
Excuse me! Please bring us the bill.
Thank you for your patronage, here’s your bill.
13,000 yen ($130)… Not too bad….
Here you go.

Thanks for coming!

When you go visit the club and she dress up all pretty…

Not bad, but your beauty have no hold over me!

… What’s wrong?
Ah-hmm, it’s nothing…

When she ask you to extend the session…

Nah, you aren’t worth that much!

It’s time to go.
Thank you for your patronage today!
Would you like to pay for the bill now?
… Yes.
Over here please.

Such a dazzling smile! This is… Could be… It's…

Aww yeahhh! This is great!

Such beautiful smile…
Ahh… I can’t hold it!
I want her so bad!

After hanging out with her for a while and she told you her story…


Finally, after going out with her for a walk…

Time for the alpha male to reap the reward!

Ahhh~ This is the best!

Few weeks later…

I can’t wait to go to the hot spring, Mr. Kanta! I love hot spring and there’s lot of wonderful things to eat! – By Ami
Let’s have a bath together, Mr. Kanta.