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Demon's Crest

by IGgy IGsen

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Original Thread: [VLP] Demon's Crest - Let's be THAT guy.



Demon's Crest is kind of a hidden gem of a game. It got fairly good reviews but not very much attention. Which is unfortunate because it is a very good game. Released in 1994 in Japan and
North America and later in 1995 in PAL territories it had to compete with other games, such as Donkey Kong Country, Final Fantasy 6 and Illusion of Gaia which were all pretty big releases that came out at roughly the same time and were well advertised too. This might have overshadowed Demon's Crest just a little bit. It may not be as highly regarded or perhaps not even as good as the aforementioned games but it definitely deserves more love than it gets. And it's my aim to give it just that.

Despite being a spin-off of Ghosts'n'Goblins the game isn't very hard. Maybe that is because we take control of one of the game's most notorious and iconic enemies: The Red Gargoyle. In essence it's an action platformer with very mild RPG elements. Or perhaps a very basic Metroidvania if you will. Over the course of the game we will acquire new tools and abilities that will allow us access to new areas. So there's plenty of stuff to discover and we're gonna see it all. Because to see the best ending we kinda have to 100% this game. I'll also show the other endings, though, so don't worry about missing anything. As for the game's story... well, watch the prologue video and you'll know everything you need to know for now. Or skip it. Your call.

Fake FAQ
Q: You already LP'd the game, why do it again?
A: I did a very poor job and would like to do the game justice.

Q: Do you know that there's already an LP of that game on SA?
A: Yes, I'm aware that there already is an LP of this game on SA. It's just that I'm going to do another one. Whether I'll be able to add something new, make it better or fail at it completely remains to be seen. Stay tuned!

Q: Thought of maybe employing a gimmick to set it apart, then?
A: I have an accent, that should be enough. Maybe there'll also be co-commentators occasionally. My usual suspects just don't know it yet.


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