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by IGgy IGsen

Part 2: Cast and bosses of Episode 2

Let's make our way through the Village. For being called village there's actually remarkably little village in this area. Or maybe the areas don't have any official names and this is just what most people go with. Who knows. But yeah, expect one screen of village, town ruins a graveyard and maybe more.

Ground Gargoyle

With every Crest we collect we gain a new form. With the earth crest we now have access to the Ground Gargoyle.
Opposed to regular old firebrand this guy can't fly. To balance that out, though, his attack when standing on the ground does twice as much damage as the other attacks we have access to at this point.
In addition to that the Ground Gargoyle can dash. This doesn't damage or push back enemies unfortunately.
But it allows us to traverse the areas a little faster and destroy obstacles that would otherwise force our adventure to a screeching halt.

Fire Crest Part: Buster Shot

At the beginning of the video there's this guy talking about us but he doesn't recognize us.
This may or may not be due to the fact that we're not at full power now. The fire crest has been shattered and we need to collect it piece by piece.
The first piece we find is the Buster Shot. It's arguably also the most useful.
It doesn't only allow us to destroy these blocks that have been in our way so far, there also can be two shots on screen at the same time.
This means we can kill enemies without mercy invincibility much quicker.


Belth is a huge skeleton with some organs in its ribcage.
I find it kind of odd to see something as explicit as that in a SNES game but I'll take it.
Oh okay, if you look at the concept art it looks more like there's skulls in there. Makes sense.
He's most likely going to be the first boss you'll encounter after the coliseum.
As such Belth is purposely designed to wreck your shit.
He's not hard by any means but if you don't get used to the mechanics you'll have a lot of trouble.
It's what they on tvtropes call a Wake-up Call Boss, I believe. If you can beat him you should be prepared for what's ahead.


Ovnunu is the resident eyeball boss. He's unique in that he's actually several eyeballs.
To kill him you must first destroy all the small eyeballs so the big guy will be forced out.
This main eyeball can shoot lasers, so look out for that. Other than that he doesn't really have any attacks and goes down fairly quickly compared to other bosses.