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Demon's Crest

by IGgy IGsen

Part 3: Cast and bosses of Episode 3

This time we explore the towers. There's actually stuff that resembles towers here.


The second piece of the fire crest we found. And it's basically useless.
We can shoot it at spikes to create a climbable surface.
The Main problem is by the point we get to spots it could be used in we have something better for that than the Claw: The Air Crest


A giant air-snake-scorpion-bug-thing with a human face.
It's main attacks include flying into you, fly in a circle menacingly and shoot its sentient arms
This sounds much worse than it is, but if you got bad luck it just might never do its circle fly.
Which is its weak spot, actually, it's easiest to hit when it does that.
I don't think it has its roots in mythology or folklore and I'm fine with that. I like originality.

Arma Again

Wow, that guy again, huh? Still good old Arma. Only he's green now.
He's learned one more move, though: He can summon a small tornado which sucks you in.
Whether it's best to avoid it or use it to gain some height depends on the situation.
Upon defeat he drops us the Air Crest. How nice of him. I wonder how many more crests he'll give us.


I normally don't spotlight regular enemies but there's a lot of stuff to say about Arthur.
He's the protagonist of the Ghosts 'n Goblins series. And as is the fate of old school video game heroes he died quite a bit.
Every time you got Arthur killed playing GnG that instance of him got sent to Demon's Crest where he was fated to become a floating zombie knight.
There's many of those in Demon's Crest and much like Arthur in GnG they lose their armor when they get hit. With the Buster at least.
So I guess his armor has become more sturdy after his tragic demise #2938. And oh, they also have a weak spot in the back in case you don't have the Buster yet.