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Demon's Crest

by IGgy IGsen

Part 4: Cast and bosses of Episode 4

Not pictured: The water-filled cave that makes up half of the level.

Aerial Gargoyle

With the air crest we have access to what's probably the best Gargoyle in the game.
Its regular attack is just as strong as the Ground Gargoyle's ground-bound attack
only it's just as strong in the air. On the downside, some enemies are immune to it.
But the Aerial Gargoyle can also actually ascend while flying.
So you could technically reach every place in the game with him, unless maybe if it's under water.


Another piece of the Fire Crest it allows us to shoot out a small tornado which will stick in that place for a couple seconds
They function as platforms and you could technically use the Tornado to reach any height.
Unfortunately it's not very useful because the Aerial Gargoyle renders it obsolete.
Sure, you're pretty likely to get the Tornado before that but there still aren't any places you can use it in.


The boss of the hidden path of the forest, Scula, is a freaky mix of various sea creaturs and insects.
It is composed of two parts. The head and the body.
If you look at the concept art you can spot a second head on the body.
You can destroy either part first, the other one will live on trying to kill you.
Overall, Scula can get pretty dangerous because it has a couple attacks that just might catch you off guard.

Flame Lord

That guy is a fiery skeleton thing and unique in that he has no concept art I could find.
Also: It's a two-phase boss fight.
In the first phase he shoots flame birds and uses dashes.
Sometimes the flame birds will cause fire to fall from the ceiling.
That last thing is something that wont happen if you die to the boss once, because the flame ceiling will be gone.
in the second face he will turn into a fiery triple skull thing.
Instead of shooting things at you he'll shoot himself at you.
When I first played the game this guy used to trip me up, but now it seems like I was a dumb child.