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Part 5: Some Extra info on Episode 5

Smaller update that I had lying around finished but got delayed due to me just not uploading it for the heck of it (doing other things, basically)

In this here vid we are going to see the first ending of the game. Most people seem to never find this when playing. For me it was the first ending I ever got.

On the conditions to unlock this: The sources I consulted to figure out if anyone knows for sure what needs to be done to unlock Phalanx' Castle this early in the game mostly said "You need the Earth and Air Crest" which is true in that you actually need them, but incomplete because just having the two crests doesn't do the job. I couldn't really find anything more accurate in my lazy research. If you want to see this ending you do need the earth and air crest, of course, and then collect some other stuff. I don't know exactly what. But you definitely need to do this before finding all the pieces of the Fire Crest (Buster, Claw, Tornado) you can find up to that point. So when in doubt just leave one of the crest pieces. Two of them are useless anyway.


As already noted he's the main antagonist of Demon's Crest.
It is unfortunate for him that Firebrand doesn't patiently wait for Phalanx to become super powerful like other protagonists.
I personally have no clue why Phalanx even spread the crests across the land for Firebrand to collect.
It's like going "Welp, I'm invincible, let me just get rid of all my power and give the guy who's after me a chance to collect that power to kill me"
Of course, there just might be something to that whole thing I don't understand, but my guess would be there isn't.
Then again, I'm not very deeply invested in the lore of the GnG Universe seeing as Demon's Crest is the only part I played extensively.
So yeah, MAYBE there's something I just don't know.

So, next time we're gonna see one of two new areas which unlock if you don't do what we did in this video and explore until you Find the Earth and Air Crest as well as Buster, Claw and Tornado.

Sir Ilpalazzo posted:

Yes, rinruririn is right. According to this interview, the word comes from Toshio Arima, one of the designers of the original Ghosts 'n Goblins games.
Ah, now we know why it's called the Red Arremer. I've been looking. Though in the wrong places.