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Demon's Crest

by IGgy IGsen

Part 7: Cast and bosses of Episode 7

My voice was terrible due to a cold, it's still slightly terrible but I wanted to record the commentary for this, finally.

An ice level in which you can just fly over the slippery floors!!!

Demon Fire

The Demon Fire is basically fireballs normal fireball.
Only it's much more powerful and looks like a dragon or something.
Of course, since this is a piece of the fire crest it will be rendered obsolete with the next crest.


A big bad wolf which happens to be the most difficult boss in the game.
He's fast and as long as you're trying to fight him on the ground you're going to have a very hard time.
So get up where he can't reach you. Seriously, do it.
Geweon can pounce you and breathe on you to hurt you plenty.
Additionally his mercy invincibility works differently.
He'll turn green if you hit him, and his invincibility will get extended every time you hit him.
So the best thing is to only hit him one shot at a time.


For our final encounter Arma learns to shoot an energy sickle thing instead of lasers
Other than that his attacks are the same. Oh, he's gray now and has a death wish.
Upon death he seals himself in the crest of time and hands it over to us.
We'll be seeing how little this crest has to do with time next time, when we use it.