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Demon's Crest

by IGgy IGsen

Part 8: Cast and bosses of Episode 8

This is the final area of the game and yet, there's two more videos to come after this one.

Legendary Gargoyle

The Crest of Time allows us to transform into this guy and he's good. Way too good.
Not only do we deal a lot of damage now, we also get another green health bar on top
of our red one. Essentially we're now the boss fight and everything else is struggling
to defeat us. Other than that, the Legendary Gargoyle has no special abilities.
Aside from Headbutting the background. Headbutting is great, right?


This time he actually powers himself up using the Crest of Heaven.
He uses it to flood the arena, create black holes and blow winds.
The first and last of those are things you could use the Tidal and Aerial Gargoyle for respectively.
The game obviously tries to make a good final boss that forces you to use all abilities
you've earned to win. But the reality is that you never have to switch your form.