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Part 9: Oh man, it's the final boss! (in Episode 9)

All right, after this there's one more video accompanied by a small bonus video showing some stuff I forgot, like that skull in the town (nope, I did not know that, thanks). I'm also going to show Scula's alternate second form and an otherwise interesting gameplay mechanic that's kinda not very useful. If there's anything you think I forgot to show drop me a line so I don't forget. TIA.

Infinity Phalanx

This is Phalanx only hulked up. He takes a crapton of hits and is only vulnerable whenever
he's stupid enough to give up his invincibility by lowering his guard. Literally.
He's perfectly capable of killing us while he's invincible He can shoot lasers and stuff.
You might be tempted to use the Armor to increase your chances of survival, but I suggest
using the Fang to increase your chance of killing him. Survival is overrated anyway.