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by OmegaZultan

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Original Thread: Red Arremer Strikes Back! Let's Play Demon's Crest! [VLP]


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Red Arremer Strikes Back! Let's Play Demon's Crest

Hey every one, welcome to my LP of Demon's Crest. Demon's Crest is the third in a series of action/platformer/pseudoRPG games developed for the Game Boy, NES and SNES by Capcom: Gargoyle's Quest, Gargoyle's Quest 2: The Demon Darkness and Demon's Crest, respectively.

The games themselves are a spin-off of the Ghouls N Ghosts/Ghosts N Goblin/Murlocs N Trolls series, in them you play as Firebrand AKA Red Arremer/Destroyer as he fights much more evil demons in order to save his world or some such. I'm not sure if any of these games take place in a particular time in the GnG continuity, and I don't particularly care.

Wait. What about the other two games?
There's a few reasons I'm playing the third in the series while foregoing the other two: First of all, the third game is only loosely connected to the first two, while the first two are linked closely. Second of all, Demon's Crest is much faster paced and has better action overall. And finally, I haven't really played the other two that much, I can beat GQ1 but I just plain suck at GQ2.

Whats the plot of this game?
The plot of the game is pretty much summed up in the intro video. But for those of you who would rather not waste five minutes watching text go by slowly I can try to sum it up briefly.

There's two worlds, the human and demon worlds.(It's kinda weird that they mention the human world though. Cause they are COMPLETELY irrelevant to the plot.) A bunch of magical crests representing the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Time and Heaven fall into the demon realm and a civil war starts. Firebrand shows up and wrecks everybody's shit but good. He gets all the crests except for heaven, fights a huge fucking dragon for it, and then gets backstabbed by some dude named Phalanx who, no joke, after getting all the crests, SPREADS THEM ALL OVER THE FUCKING DEMON REALM AGAIN. So essentially in the entirety of that five minute intro video nothing happens .

What are my options?
I'll be uploading the videos on WeGame, Youtube and Viddler, in that order. I'll try to keep my update schedule daily unless something comes up.

Video List
Intro: WeGame YouTube Viddler
Part 1: Mountain Colosseum: WeGame YouTube Viddler
Part 2: Village Catacombs: WeGame YouTube Viddler
Part 3: Village Graveyard: WeGame YouTube Viddler
Part 4: Enchanted Forest: WeGame YouTube Viddler
Part 5: Cursed Towers and the Bad Ending:WeGame YouTube Viddler
Part 6: Arma's Tower: WeGame YouTube Viddler
Part 7: Upper Aqueducts: WeGame YouTube Viddler
Part 8: Underwater Exploration: WeGame YouTube Viddler
Part 9: Arctic Barrens: WeGame YouTube Viddler
Part 10: The Ice Palace: WeGame YouTube Viddler
Part 11: Phalanx's Palace + Normal Ending: WeGame YouTube Part 1 Part 2 Viddler
Part 12: The Good Ending: WeGame YouTube Viddler
Part 13: Dark Demon Finale: WeGame YouTube Part 1 Part 2 Viddler


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