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Demon's Crest

by OmegaZultan

Part 1: Fire Gargoyle

Getting to know your gargoyles! Part 1: Fire Gargoyle

Firebrand at his most basic level gets his power from a shard of the fire crest, which allows him to shoot a fireball out of his mouth with a press of the Y button.

Thanks to his wings he can hover in mid air by pressing the B button while in mid jump.

His strong claws allow him to latch on to almost anything, very few surfaces can resist the strength of his iron grip. He can even use his fire ability while latched on, how versatile!

Always one to be a bit hard-headed, Firebrand can headbutt anything before him with a touch of the A button.

Unfortunately for Firebrand, his encounter with Phalanx seems to have resulted in the fire crest being broken to pieces, so he can't use the rest of its abilities quite yet. I wonder what they could be!