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Demon's Crest

by OmegaZultan

Part 2: Ground Gargoyle

Getting to know your gargoyles! Part 2: Ground Gargoyle

With the power of the earth crest in his hands, Firebrand's attacks become more solid. One tap of the Y button while Firebrand is on the ground is all it takes to send a ground dashing attack that does double the damage of his regular flames! This ability is much less advantageous when not in contact with the earth though, if Firebrand shoots it off in mid air it will dissolve quickly, and only do basic fire damage.

His entire body now hardened, Firebrand is no longer content with just bashing his head into things. With a press of the A button Firebrand can use his mastery of the ground below him to slide into, and often times break, any object before him! Be careful though, as this technique is ineffective against enemies.

Unfortunately for Firebrand, this new form has no wings! So don't go jumping around spikes and bottomless pits as you please without a back-up crest at the ready!