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Original Thread: I'm a Warrior, he's a Mage. We fight Demons: Let's Play Demon's Souls



What is Demon’s Souls
Demon’s Souls is a Third Party action RPG game developed by From Software that is known for being incredibly difficult. The game focuses more on thinking your moves out and executing them rather than running headlong into fights. It also has a unique Online system, where players can leave behind messages for other players as hints, since the game does very little to inform you itself. You can also see the bloodstains of players who died, showing you how exactly they perished. Other players can also join your world as either a Blue, helpful, or Black, antagonistic, Phantoms. The combination of all these features results in a very unique experience.

Wait a minute Newbie there was already a PRETTY complete LP of this by Squint
Ya, I know. However I’m aiming to show off a number of the features that Squint passed over, mainly online. I will be joined in my Demon hunting journey by my good friend Taoto. He will be summoned as a Blue Phantom in every video and we will co-op our way through the game. On top of this, we will be playing through on NG++++, which involves buffing the enemies to being 76.4% stronger than they are in a normal play through. The last is, since this is a NG++++ play through I have EVERYTHING, and I will be letting the thread vote on how I go into each battle. Reference the second post for a list of unique weapons, spells, miracles, weapon upgrade paths, and their properties.

Videos will be posted on Sundays, and votes will happen bi weekly. You guys will be allowed to vote on the next area I go to and the weapons I use. To explain how this will work, imagine the two weeks are A and B. Area votes for Area B will start on Thursday, then when I post the video for Area A on Sunday where I will also post the winner of the Area B vote, give recommendations weapon wise for Area B and you guys can vote on the weapons I will use.

NOTE ON THIS - While I will take weapons to some areas to show off "Hey these are really good here" I am going to favor weapons that haven't won to ones that have. So if Dragon Bone Smasher wins one vote, I'll probably pass it up in later votes for something we haven't seen yet. This does not mean that we will never see these weapons again, but I do wanna try to show off everything. We do have about 30+ish weapons to go through with upgrade stone path types included.

HALF SPOILER FREE LP - While we can talk all we want about weapons and spells and what have you, I want to keep story related stuff secret since a lot of it is really cool and I want things to be a surprise, certain bosses being a big part of this.

One more thing, there will be bonus videos covering World and Character Tendency stuff. Also I will show off some of the harder parts of the game on a New Character, because ya me and Taoto will be steamrolling some of the harder parts due to outnumbering them.

Okay what else is there to go over
Well other than trying to show off everything, I will also be making this a more or less 100% run. I will be showing where to find every Ring and Unique Weapon. We’ll also be trying to give strategies for different situations. I will throw around the terminology of “BLANK DASH BLANK” a lot, Demon’s Souls is split into 5 worlds, each world in multiple parts. When I say World 3-2 I am referring to World 3 Part 2.

Genocyber posted:

Also, could you post in the thread when you're about to record, and in what area, so we can attempt to invade you?

Surely, and I will do you one better, not only will I let you know when we're recording, but I will also let you know that both me and Taoto are Soul Level 200. So ya .


Main Playthrough

Tutorial – Journey to the Nexus – If you already know how to play and beat the Tutorial boss, you can probably skip this. Those of you who are new though, go ahead, I explain A LOT in this video.

Boletarian Palace 1-1 – Ramparts

Stonefang Tunnel 2-1 - Mines

Valley of Defilement 5-1 - Chasm

Shrine of Storms 4-1 - Exterior

Tower of Latria 3-1 - Prison

Shrine of Storms 4-2 - Catacombs

Tower of Latria 3-2 - Spires

Valley of Defilement 5-2 - Swamp

Boletarian Palace 1-2 - Bridge

Stonefang Tunnel 2-2 - Caves

Valley of Defilement 5-3 - Depths

Shrine of Storms 4-3 - Cliffs

Stonefang Tunnel 2-3 - Shrine

Boletarian Palace 1-3 - Castle

Boletarian Palace 1-4 - Keep

Next time on Demon's Souls

Tower of Latria 3-3 - Tower

The Final Demon and Endings

NG Highlights

1-1 NG Highlights

2-1 NG Highlights

5-1 NG Highlights

4-1 NG Highlights

3-1 NG Highlights

4-2 NG Highlights

3-2 NG Highlights

5-2 NG Highlights

1-2 NG Highlights

2-2 NG Highlights

5-3 NG Highlights

4-3 NG Highlights

2-3 NG Highlights

1-3 NG Highlights

1-4 NG Highlights

3-3 NG Highlights

Extra Content

World 5 World Tendency Events

World 4 World Tendency Events

World 2 World Tendency Events

World 1 World Tendency Events

Side Quests

World 3 World Tendency Events

Overlooked Weapons

Bonus Videos

Let's PvP Demon's Souls Part 1 - Invading

Let's PvP Demon's Souls Part 2 - Fight Club


Mortal Sword is pretty much the best

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